Nov 17, 2015 Tuesday
Ongar Library
High Street
Chipping Ongar Essex CM15 9AB GB

Abstract painters explore new ways of creating art - reinvigorating and reinventing creative methods. They experiment with nontraditional materials and find new forms of self-expression. Come along to our friendly, informal art class and discover how to draw from your inner creativity! Please bring your own sketch pad and pencils or paints.

Bring one of the following:
2B-9B drawing pencils
A funny story
Any fresh fruit
Black drawing pens
Honey, jam or marmalade

About the teacher, John Price + Ray Harris

John Price is an established photographer and keen artist who has worked in both publishing, the corporate sector and industry. He is now devoted to conservation and encouraging like minded people to get outside with their cameras and enjoy the countryside. He runs his own company Epcot Images an online photographic library. He has developed and produced many multimedia programmes for large corporate companies, travelling extensively overseas on engineering projects as an industrial photographer. Managed John Price Studios a photographic studio in London for 30 years. Key worker on the Favourite Trees project in Epping District. He also works with The Ethnic Minority Foundation in London.