Apr 14, 2018 Saturday
Camera Obscura
1450 Ocean Ave.
Santa Monica US

Artists: are you looking to get out of the studio, out of your head, to share your practice and get feedback from diverse perspectives? Join a healthy conversation? Stop by to see others’ work and share constructive feedback. Camera Obscura Art Crits are open to visual artists and serious art lovers who are looking for an enriching exchange of ideas. How it works: Two 45 minute spots are available for sign up ahead of time, plus each session includes a drop in 15 minute spot if time allows. To sign up for the long spots, email Claudia at claudia.b@hotmail.co.uk. Bring an artwork you made and some specific questions to present to the group. The process: We will be engaging in an analysis of the artwork’s techniques and narratives, subjects and objects, symbols and concepts, and processes and execution while looking, asking, studying, reflecting, and sharing. We will value artwork through observation and acknowledgement of the work’s personal impact as well as the potential it carries in relation to contemporary realities. This will be in the form of an organic group discussion where every artwork is precious, every opinion valuable, and each voice heard and appreciated. All participants: be prepared to contribute by creating a supporting, caring, respectful, and safe environment where we explore our liveliness and creativity, being mindful of time constraints and each other. This class is part of a series presented in conjunction with Camera Obscura, the co-host/ presenter of this event. About Camera Obscura: The Camera Obscura Art Lab at 1450 Ocean hosts six artists-in-residence annually, and offers workshops with a changing roster of residents and teaching artists. Check out artists at work, polish your writing, take a dance class, learn how to sew a seam and find a creative community! https://www.smgov.net/Departments/CCS/content.aspx?id=39798

Bring one of the following:
- any garden produce that you might have
- extra virgin olive oil
- home/hand natural made soap
- oregano essential oil
- plants, any kind preferably rescued and that I can carry on my bike

About the teacher, Claudia Borgna in conjunction with Camera Obscura

A well trained artist, I have been building my experience through academia, residency programs and exhibitions, working mostly with non-profit spaces and mainly in outdoors or alternative settings. Setting art “outside” has strongly shaped my views and my approach to art making. Inspired by nature, I feel that creativity has no boundaries and that it can be expressed everywhere in endless diverse forms. My fine art training and practice have taught me how to use and experiment with painting and drawing, ceramics, printmaking, video, sculpture, installation and socially engaged art, a journey that has led to a strong commitment to an environmental friendly use of space and materials that are site, place, context, people - sensitive and specific.