Nov 16, 2014 Sunday
(Almost full)

TSLA Brainstorming Party!

6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m.
Pop-Hop Books and Print
5002 York Blvd
Los Angeles US

Trade School LA grows each month and we need YOU to help mold its future! During this brainstorming party, we'll look together at TSLA's future potential and its current challenges. We'll start by introducing ourselves and doing a session of Speed Bartering to meet each other and get in the exchange spirit. Then we'll talk briefly about where TSLA stands and what it's done so far. Next we'll move into the Brainstorming part of the party. We'll do some exercises to brainstorm solutions and ideas that will help Trade School LA offer more of what you want, help sustain its future, ease some of the logistical challenges and keep improving what its offering to the community. Oh, we'll also be having FUN while we do all of this. Anyone who has attended or taught a TSLA class is encouraged to attend. If registration fills up quickly, we may move the class location. /////SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING: Pen & Paper /// Location Accessibility: This location is accessible by walker & wheelchair

Bring one of the following:
1 bottle of sauvignon blanc wine
1 easel pad of paper (approximately 27" x 34")
1 Pack of large name tags
1 pack of Sharpie markers
2 bars of dark chocolate

About the teacher, leanne pedante