Nov 9, 2014 Sunday
Pop-Hop Books and Print
5002 York Blvd
Los Angeles US

Using the idea of design as a way of thinking and problem solving, this workshop will help artists and creative professionals put together materials for job and grant applications. Emphasis will be on using graphic design skills and larger design principles and strategies to effectively communicate the artist’s intentions in portfolios, resumes, artist statements and grant applications. We'll attack the portfolio/application in terms of such design terms as user need, UX, branding, hierarchy and the grid to think about how to put together materials in a way to show off work in the best light. ///// SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING: Computers with software you are designing application in. InDesign preferred, but the ideas can be applied to any program. ///// Location Accessibility: This location is accessible by walker & wheelchair

Bring one of the following:
coconut butter
coconut flakes
half hour massage
organic meat
organic vegetables
written testimonial about the course written after class

About the teacher, Betsy Medvedovsky

Betsy Medvedovsky is an Echo Park-based graphic designer who's applied for a million jobs, residencies and other opportunities, at least some of the time successfully. She never knew how to do a portfolio when she was coming up and likes teaching this class as a gift to her younger self.