Feb 21, 2018 Wednesday
Teacher's home near USC - address & parking details will be emailed
Near USC
Los Angeles US

This class will teach the basics of knot tying with a focus on knots and hitches for climbing/mountaineering, although these knots apply to a broad range of scenarios. It will teach the purpose of different knots and hitches and how to apply them in different scenarios such as building anchors, tying into a harness, self-rescue and rappelling. It will include multiple methods for tying knots in order to cater to different learning abilities and skill levels- including methodology for visual learners, kinetic learners, and advanced one-handed tying which can be useful in climbing. The 4 knots we will learn are: Figure 8- two and one handed method Clove hitch - two and one handed Munter hitch -two and one handed Fisherman's knots- two handed Bonus: if time allows we will use the fisherman knot to build a prussik cord which we can then use to tie a prussik hitch. Bring your own accessory cord (ideally, it will be approximately 6 mm width and at least 8 inches long or bring $2 and I will supply some.) All skills levels are welcome.

Bring one of the following:
A surprise
Art supplies
Something yummer
Stuff from your garden

About the teacher, Lauren Grabowski

My name is Lauren Grabowski. On weekdays I work in Downtown LA as a transportation planner for equitable and sustainable cities. On weekends, I play outside in the mountains and deserts. I love bicycles, gardens, books, and not taking anything too seriously.