May 7, 2014 Wednesday
Southeast corner of Stoner Park
Corner of Stoner & Missouri, on the open area of grass
Los Angeles US

The Dances of Universal Peace are spiritual practice in motion: We walk or dance to live music doing joyous meditations from the world’s wisdom, spiritual, or cultural traditions --& simultaneously chant or sing, & exchange symbolic gestures which celebrate the sacredness of each other & our interconnectedness with everything! Come share the energy, & enjoy! This is a participatory, movement workshop, in full sun, in a public place where people will walk by on the sidewalk & see you singing, chanting, & doing expressive gestures J We’ll do the dances + transformative mind, body, spirit activities in an easygoing peer-lead space. Each dance shares a different experiential epiphany of wisdom on some universal theme ( like friendship, nature, peace, love, sustainability, teachers, family, health...). Each heart-centered dance is either done singly, or, interactively exchanging the chant/song & symbolic gestures for a few minutes with another person when you pass each other along the circle. Short, catchy, inspiring to sing/chant, easy to remember; some in English, some in the different languages of the world. Each 'dance' is taught very simply before we do it, & is extremely simple to learn: the focus is simply on connecting to each other & the music (no one cares if you remember everything, or even if you can sing; there are plenty of other people's voices that can be heard, so if 1 person doesn't sing, it doesn't stick out): There is no audience, there are no performers. No musical or dance experience of any kind is necessary. Called 'The Dances Of Universal Peace' because they inspire peace; both thru bringing together the world’s diverse traditions creating a sense of belonging to a greater community, & because when we 'dance' face to face, we're not just 'dancing' with the person in front of us, --but with what is universal in us all. Plus thru each individual experiencing 'Universal Peace': The ‘dances’ are mind-body-spirit practices & a ritual that bring us in touch with our sacred selves: that place in the essence of our spirit & the universe around us, where there is no division between us, each other, spirit, bliss, connection, understanding, compassion, beauty...& peace. Bookmark, or join this list, & check homepage or email before attending in case of last minute info (if there’s a heatwave/rain, we’ll post alternate location! Plus it’s the way to contact me: (students do not need to stay the whole 2 hours). Bookmark, or join this list, & check homepage or email before attending in case of last minute info (if there’s a heatwave/rain, we’ll post alternate location! Plus it’s the way to contact me: ///SUPPLIES STUDENTS SHOULD BRING: *Hat, *sunscreen, *water for yourself, *snack for yourself if you need it *If you’re uncomfortable sitting on the ground, bring a chair or cushion for yourself; *if you’re uncomfortable sitting on the grass, bring a blanket in case others don’t bring a couple for the group to sit on. *comfortable, flexible clothing for moving around

Bring one of the following:
20 sheets 8.5x11 paper, any color
Bring a brightly colored centerpiece (examples: fresh flowers or picture representing something positive/universal like friendship, peace, etc… ) –not bigger than a dinner plate.
Bring beverages &/or refreshments for the group to share;
Give me a 10 or 15 min shoulder or back massage after class
Improvise a 1 to 3 minute ‘positive, affirmative, blessing Meditation’, –directly after we do a Dance Of Universal Peace (that further connects us to what we were focusing on in that dance).
Join my list & attend 5/24. More attendance creates a more experienced community, which supports the learning of other participants, + circulates more awareness of this joyful resource
Lead, or practice leading part of, a ‘Dance Of Universal Peace’: either pre-existing, or one you’ve created J
Play melody or rhythm, without being familiar with it or having music for it (with someone just singing it to you once or twice) on an instrument for 1 or 2 of the Dance of Universal Peace lead.
tell 1 friend of yours you think would love this about this & TradeschoolLA so they register for it

About the teacher, Diana

I’m 1 of the main organizers in the Dances Of Universal Peace community; as well as several other positive practice communities. My life is devoted to celebrating, & sharing these communities/practices; & it’s especially focused on welcoming, encouraging, creating, & cocreating new directions, new ideas, & bringing more diversity into these communities. I hope to find new friends who share this celebration, & to support new Dances Of Universal Peace leaders, musicians, new Kundalini Yoga teachers & INTERACTIVE Kundalini Yoga teachers, new ways for them to be supported; & most of all an outdoors, open, ‘uncontained’ environment for us to enjoy, live, & celebrate these practices, each other, & all the wonders & possibilities around us & within us J I especially wishto inspire people who are not in 9 to 5 jobs, to not stay isolated ndoors on the computer, & instead celebrate life outdoors with other human beings