Mar 1, 2015 Sunday
(Almost full)
Teacher's Kitchen in Silverlake
street address will to sent to registered students via email several days before class
Los Angeles US

The cute little meringue-like sandwich known as the macaron may seem like a confection that can only be made by professional bakers, but in actuality these little guys are very easy to make at home! In this class you will learn how to make macarons in two different flavors. We will also cover some basic baking skills related to making macarons which can be applied to other baking projects. You will (hopefully) leave class confident in your ability to make macarons any time, whether for a party or gift or just for yourself. And you will leave class with some macarons to take home! **Access: This class location is not accessible by wheelchair or walker. **Supplies Students Need to Bring to Class** Please bring the following, if you have one: - A decent-quality baking sheet - A spatula (not a turning but a pastry spatula) - Your barter item

Bring one of the following:
Bag of coffee
Bottle of wine (Spanish reds, Rose or Sauvignon Blanc preferred)
Rustic/antique plates, bowls or cutlery that would be good for food photography, i.e. graniteware or wood
Seedling of a fruit or other culinary-use tree (like bay laurel)
Wild mushrooms, can be either foraged or cultivated

About the teacher, Rachel Whitener

Rachel is a personal chef and pastry chef from the Midwest. She gardens and does yoga, and aims to one day open a small farm and bed and breakfast.