Nov 8, 2014 Saturday
Chez Aaroyo
211 S Ave 57 #201
Los Angeles US

This class is a design thinking crash course ( with ideas of social consciousness and gift culture floating just under the surface. Design thinking methodology can be very useful in tackling any problems, formalizing what is essentially a very intuitive approach. We use parts of design thinking in our daily lives all the time. The core of the class will be a slightly modified version of the Gift-Giving Project (more on this @ Institute of Design at Stanford -, followed by a community leadership building exercise. You will walk away from the class inspired, reminded not to exclude yourself from the community, and having heard that "everything is interconnected" at least a couple of times! ///// SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING: If handy (not required): various "craft workshop" materials and tools to share , such as: color paper, tape, glue, stickers, Popsicle sticks, wire, thread, fabric, scissors, markers, etc. ///// Location Accessibility: This classroom is located on the second floor but does not have a ramp or escalator/elevator.

Bring one of the following:
a used book that you've read and would recommend!
surprise me!
a small to medium size (and no more that ~5-7lbs) object that you have sitting at home, not useful to you now, but hesitant to throw away because you think someone else might find it useful
a way to jump-start learning to swim as an adult
ideas for renting a cheap RV, and RV road trip tips

About the teacher, Hayk Makhmuryan

Hayk Makhmuryan is an advocate for building community through arts and creativity, coordinating a community arts studio in the Skid Row community for over 6 years. He is keenly aware of his constant use of the word "community", but is yet to find a better word. We learn best by practicing and sharing the knowledge with others. As he's learning more about design thinking, he'd like to share the ideas with others to better understand it himself (also because the ideas are worth sharing!). A self-described everythingian.