Apr 29, 2018 Sunday

Facebook Marketing 101

2:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.
With Love Market & Cafe - Community Room
1969 S. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles US

There are 2.07 billion people use Facebook each month, so let's get your business seen by them!! This informative and entertaining workshop will help you understand the art and science of using Facebook effectively for marketing. Including the concepts around how Thea created a Facebook page with 14,000 Likes. In this workshop we'll be discussing what you need to know to start creating content that's actually seen and shared: ✅ How to create posts that get Likes, Comments, and Shares ✅ What the heck is "Facebook's algorithm" and why it's very important ✅ The biggest mistakes people make that keep their Facebook pages ignored ✅ How to use Facebook for sales ✅ Understanding Facebook's recent announcement about the changes to the News Feed, and how it will effect your Facebook Page Understanding the basics of Facebook marketing can help you connect with prospective customers, drive traffic to your online or brick and mortar store, and increase sales. We'll also be discussing the other social media platforms, and which ones your business should focus on.

Bring one of the following:
A business book
A testimonial of the course (to be emailed after)
Pictures of me teaching the workshop
Topography T-shirt design (to be coordinated after)

About the teacher, Thea Orozco

Thea Orozco has been using social media for business for a decade, back when MySpace was that weird thing youngins were using. Now she does social media management and consulting for businesses and organizations, runs her own Facebook page with 14,000 Likes for fun, and mentors introverted business owners.