May 3, 2014 Saturday

Exploring Your Senses

1:30p.m. to 3:30p.m.
Los Angeles Eco-Village (Urban Soil/Tierra Urbana housing co-op) in Koreatown
117 Bimini Pl #201
Los Angeles US

An introductory workshop for teachers and other adults who play and work with children. The speed of life, life events, distracting digital tools, toys and instant communication often disrupt focus, generate stress and complicate parenting, teaching and learning. Your capacity to select what you pay attention to influences your ability to regulate physical and emotional responses, take in new information, and create life-sustaining social and environmental choices. Returning to your senses re-focuses attention and promotes relaxed alertness - the optimal state for integrated learning and authentic interactions. During the workshop, you will be invited to practice integrating sensory awareness into curricula and daily activities, and adapt sensory experiences with music, movement, art, storytelling, relaxation and touch to meet the unique needs of the children you work with. We will review how sensory awareness can empower children to develop self-regulation that enhances their learning and relational skills, and can help us stay present to ourselves and the children when results are less than miraculous. Join our playful explorations of sight, sound, touch, scent, taste and body-centered awareness. Nature and natural settings will, as often as possible, help normalize electrified senses. // No Supplies Needed //

Bring one of the following:
2 Time Dollars (from fellow TimeBank member)
Assistance during a future course by bilingual speakers who want to join the Explore Your Senses teaching or childcare team (we'll email to ask about your skills after you register)
Feedback to help us develop the course
Help with marketing/promotion of future courses
Willingness to be photographed for our website or brochures for future courses

About the teacher, Claire Bergen and Carol Springer

Exploring Your Senses will be taught by Carol Springer, Massage and Trauma Touch Therapistâ„¢ and Claire Bergen, a credentialed K-5 teacher with a background in the Orff approach to music and movement education. More information about Carol can be found on her website at You can view Claire's online resume at