May 18, 2014 Sunday
(Almost full)

DIY Silkscreen Studio/Set-up

4:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.
Pop-Hop Books and Print
5002 York Blvd
Los Angeles US

E.T. phoned home with a speak 'n spell and some twine, so why can't you silkscreen with stuff you find at the hardware store? NOW YOU CAN! This class will show you easy ways to make a space for yourself to get hard at work making your own T-shirts/totebags/whatever by improvising an at-home screen printing studio… and maybe even get your security deposit back. We'll look at how items commonly found can be used in silkscreen printing as well as the few specialty materials necessary and where to get them. This class focuses on setting yourself up to print; we won't actually be printing anything in class except for demonstration purposes. If you'd like to make a bag or something, try our other class. But this one's good too.

Bring one of the following:
Access to (or borrowing of) woodworking tools
Material or time donation to your favorite charity
Organizational skills
Sewing skills
Woodworking skills

About the teacher, Robey Clark

Robey clark lives in Highland Park and works as co-owner of Pop-Hop Books and Print.