Feb 18, 2018 Sunday
(Almost full)
Teacher's Home in Atwater
address & parking info will be sent to attendees
Los Angeles US

Effective communication helps us feel better and more connected to those around us—but how do we maintain flow in conversations when we find ourselves clashing or drifting off course? In this workshop, we’ll link the research-backed practice of mindfulness with interpersonal communication techniques, yielding a mindful communication approach that boosts emotional intelligence, bolsters resilience, and increases efficiency, effectiveness, and connection. Participants in this workshop can expect to: • Learn mindfulness practices that reduce stress, heighten connection, and facilitate greater access to purpose and meaning. • Explore the differences between debate, discussion, and dialogue—revealing the impact of intention. • Take home practical strategies for effective communication, including a “secret formula” approach to dialogue in difficult conversations. Please dress comfortably and bring some paper and a writing utensil.

Bring one of the following:
(1) 25+ foot outdoor extension chord
1 large unscented jar candle (or 2-3 small ones)
2 large sage bundles (dried, white)
32 oz Dr. Bronner's liquid soap (Lavender only please)
4 boxes of organic tea (different varieties)

About the teacher, Jennifer Howd & Kate McCracken

Partnered in their love for one another and their drive to make the world a better place, Jennifer & Kate bring together their individual studies of mindfulness and conscious communication both professionally—and at home in their daily lives. Both creatives, Jennifer more analytical in her approach and Kate less systematic, they speak in their own unique voices and together create messages that inspire, encourage, and support new ways of being in relationship with self and others. Featured on NPR’s “Weekend Edition,” Jennifer is the author of “Sit, Walk, Don’t Talk: How I Survived a Silent Meditation Retreat” (published by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Parallax Press). A UCLA-Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, Jennifer works with individuals seeking mindfulness-based tools for increasing self-awareness, wellbeing, and flow in their lives. She also serves as a mindfulness-based Developmental Editor and enjoys writing/directing and acting in comedy videos with the award-winning digital comedy collective, Nightpantz, in her spare time. A dynamic speaker and facilitator, Kate is the Director of Talent Development and Inclusion at Leadership for Educational Equity and has been designing and delivering learner-centric personal and professional development opportunities for 15 years for companies and community-based organizations such as: Lakeshore Learning, the YMCA, and Mental Health America. Jennifer & Kate live in Los Angeles, CA with their 10 year old son and two cats, Buster & Jac.