May 4, 2014 Sunday

Create Your Own Trail Workout

3:30p.m. to 5:00p.m.
Hermon Park
5566 Via Marisol
Los Angeles US

Learn how to make your own full-body workout on any of LA's parks or hiking trails. In this class, we will cover some basic methods to create your own no-equipment workout, learn a variety of exercises, and then we'll take it to the trail! Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced fitness levels are all invited. Class will meet in Hermon Park by the Tennis Courts, where we'll review some easy-to-learn body-weight moves (aka no-equipment-needed). We'll also cover how to structure and schedule fun workout progressions for yourself. Then we'll all do a workout together! We will do a 20-minute warm-up walk on a trail at Ernest Debs' state park (which is across the street from our meeting place). Then we'll complete a 20-minute body-weight exercise routine at the top, which you'll be able to repeat on your own later. Then we'll take our cool-down walk back down the trail, and stretch and recap in Hermon Park. You'll get a great workout, along with tools to set fitness goals and program your own varied fitness routines. After class, students will receive a reference list of exercises and workout-building tools discussed in class. //SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING::: Wear workout clothes and shoes appropriate for walking on dirt trail; 1 small hand towel; Water bottle (that is comfortable to hold while walking)

Bring one of the following:
100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil
Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier or Pinot Grigio
Fresh flowers
New microfiber cloths
Organic, cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oil
Potted plant (succulents are always welcome, but any kind is great!)
Your all-time favorite book

About the teacher, leanne pedante