Sep 20, 2014 Saturday
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Beginning Motion Design

11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.

A comprehensive understanding of motion and time are crucial for new designers tackling complex information. The new media of design requires skills in storytelling, experimentation, timing and editing. This class is a beginner’s introduction to designing for digital motion and traditional animation. The first part of the class will familiarize students with the basics of storyboarding, character design and animatics. After that, the entire length of the class will be devoted to a single, final project, which will include a storyboard. Students can pursue any projects they wish. The techniques taught will span both digital software (e.g. After Effects, Premiere) and traditional practice (e.g. cell animation). The aim is to develop skills in storytelling and experimentation in form — assets needed to work in today’s hyper competitive market. ****Supplies students will need to bring to participate in class: pen, paper, computer (optional)

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About the teacher, Brian Markle

Brian Markle is currently a Los Angeles based Designer, Animator and Educator. The studio focuses on communication strategies for arts, cultural and educational sectors.