Nov 15, 2014 Saturday

Basic Creative Drumming

2:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.
ABC Rehearsal Studio
2575 N. San Fernando Road
Los Angeles US

This is a hands-on class where students will have the opportunity learn a basic groove on the drum set, how to hold sticks, and familiarize themselves with a basic drum set. Students will spend time deciphering the different sounds involved in percussion through listening, observing and trying it for themselves! I will spend the first section demonstrating the different parts of a drum set, how it is played, and some of the possibilities and roles each component plays. Then, we will begin with the basics of holding the drum sticks (provided by the teacher) and hitting drum pads as a group. We will cover a couple basic rudiments and techniques during this time. The second half will be spent giving everyone a chance to get behind the drum set and working on a basic rock or jazz groove and fill. If there is time left, I'd like to ask everyone to bring in a song that has a drum part they particularly like, and we will listen to it, dissect it, and learn to play it if time allows. All styles are welcome! In fact, the more esoteric, the better! ////SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING TO CLASS: Bring in a recording of a song with your favorite drum part (or one you want to learn) on your phone, ipod or a CD. Also, bring drum sticks and a drum practice pad (or a hard surface to hit) if you have them! Otherwise I will provide you with those things! ////Location Accessibility: This location has stairs 4 but no ramp or elevator/escalator access.

Bring one of the following:
1 hr of help building a website
A dvd of the strangest movie you've ever seen
A metal object that makes a significant sound when struck
An original business card design
The most inspiring book you've ever read
The strangest hummel you've ever seen

About the teacher, Joe Westerlund

Joe Westerlund is an internationally touring drummer for the bands Califone, Megafaun, Gayngs, and his solo project, Grandma Sparrow. He holds a BA in Music Compostion/Improvisation from Bennington College, where he studied with avant-garde jazz pioneer Milford Graves, and NYC composers Kitty Brazelton and Anthony Coleman. His education encouraged him to continue to explore the lines between convention and experimentation in his own original music. When not on the road, Joe lives with his wife Carson and his pug Dora in Eagle Rock, where he works by day as a drum technician for Drum Doctors.