Dec 13, 2016 Tuesday
Book Show & Parlour of Wonders
5503 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles US

Did you know your right to protest is enshrined in the Constitution? What’s the difference between a “demonstration” and “civil disobedience?” Is it safe to take your children to a protest? Is it right to protest right now? In the past few weeks, more Americans have been getting more engaged in democracy than ever before. They're doing that in many ways, including voting, donations, calls and letters to elected officials, and protests. This class is primarily designed for people who are new to protests, or perhaps are just protest-curious. It’s also appropriate for people who want to talk about the role of protest in democracy today. We will discuss the roots of political protest in law, the many different types of protest that exist, how to plan to participate in a protest, and what to expect from media coverage. We’ll also discuss any safety concerns you might have. All class participants will receive a hand-made zine about protests, created by the instructor. No special materials are required, though you may want to have a notebook and pen to take notes. Bring your questions and concerns - we will discuss them and help you find the answers that are right for you. **Accessibility: This location is accessible by walker or wheelchair but may not be equipped with a handicap bathroom.

Bring one of the following:
Commitment to go to a protest and send me a brief writeup about your experience
Dried beans or rice
Homemade soap or lotion (not purchased)
Read and comment on one of my essays on Medium

About the teacher, Bronwyn Mauldin

Bronwyn Mauldin is a novelist and long-time political activist. She has a master’s degree in public administration (an MPA is like an MBA for people who want to work in the public sector) and has worked in both state and local government. She has also attended - and organized - many types of protests. Bronwyn has been a host on KPFK radio in LA and is the creator of GuerrillaReads, the online video literary magazine. More info is at