Sep 20, 2014 Saturday
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Beginning Motion Design

11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.
Teacher's Home in Hollywood
1213 Gordon St. Apt#9
Los Angeles US

A comprehensive understanding of motion and time are crucial for new designers tackling complex information. The new media of design requires skills in storytelling, experimentation, timing and editing. This class is a beginner’s introduction to designing for digital motion and traditional animation. The first part of the class will familiarize students with the basics of storyboarding, character design and animatics. After that, the entire length of the class will be devoted to a single, final project, which will include a storyboard. Students can pursue any projects they wish. The techniques taught will span both digital software (e.g. After Effects, Premiere) and traditional practice (e.g. cell animation). The aim is to develop skills in storytelling and experimentation in form — assets needed to work in today’s hyper competitive market. ****Supplies students will need to bring to participate in class: pen, paper, computer (optional)

Bring one of the following:
surprise me!

About the teacher, Brian Markle

Brian Markle is currently a Los Angeles based Designer, Animator and Educator. The studio focuses on communication strategies for arts, cultural and educational sectors.

Gal Palace
131 S. Rampart Blvd.
Los Angeles US

Creating, maintaining and using journals/diaries/sketchbooks to record your life and ideas... The workshop will include looking at examples as inspiration, using collage and source material, texts and exercises as jumping off points to create your own ongoing journals. The workshop can be seen as a refreshing take on inspiring an ongoing and personal journaling practice. ****Supplies Students Will Need To Bring To Class: Please bring a journal with you to class. Collage materials, inspiring quotes, and other material also encouraged.

Bring one of the following:
Art supplies
Graphics help
Snacks for class
Website help

About the teacher, Malado Baldwin

Malado Baldwin is a Los Angeles and New York based multi-media artist, whose work was recently featured in Gallery Tally at FOR YOUR ART, LA, THE BRUCENNIAL 2014, NY, Paperazzi3 at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, NY; and Sideshow Gallery, NY. Her work has been reviewed on,,, Art Business News, and Esquire Magazine among other publications. A graduate of Swarthmore College (BA, 1997, Comparative Literature French/English) and The New York Studio School (MFA 2006, Painting), Malado Baldwin is the recipient of the Buckingham Prize for the Expression of Music in Art (2005), the Visual Arts Foundation Grant (2007) and a nominee for both the Louis Comfort Tiffany Biennial Award (2008, 2010) and the Rema Hort Mann Grant (2011, 2012). She is currently compiling a lifetime of artists books and drawings into new artistic installations and book projects, alongside finishing a collaborative multi-media film project called LUX/NOX for festivals and shows. Websites: /

Sep 21, 2014 Sunday
Downtown LA
Exact meet-up location will be updated soon
Los Angeles US

I will briefly go over a few pivotal architects who have changed how buildings are designed and built. We'll walk around downtown and look at some buildings done by notable architects and go over interesting facts.

Bring one of the following:
A T-shirt Plain Colored or Black/White or simple graphic
Bicycle Tools
Cheap Sunglasses
Dark Chocolate
Espresso Beans
Good Sketching Pens
Homemade Food
Interesting Spices, Sauces, Curries
Wine, Craft Beer, Scotch

About the teacher, Leandro Yuan

I studied architecture at Cal Poly Pomona and currently work for an architect. I have helped with giving architectural tours for houses and exhibits. I enjoy going to museums and exploring Los Angeles.

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Mindful Sleep for Vibrant Living

3:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.
Paniolo Productions presents
3552 Kelton Ave
Los Angeles US

This workshop offers the opportunity to learn about hypnosis, it's use for better sleep patterns and how to purposefully utilize your dreamtime to increase wellness . Participants will learn how the mechanics of the subconscious mind operates, experience a group hypnosis/relaxation to create better sleep habits and begin using your dream time to clear the mind of accumulated stress. The overall aim is to connect your mind-body awareness and allow your natural sleep and dream cycles to truly regenerate your system overnight, and every night, so that you awaken feeling refreshed, energized, empowered and perhaps even excited to begin your day with awareness, clear intention and action to match. ****Supplies Students Need to Bring To Class: Pillows for head or under knees or both. A blanket and yoga mat or towel to lye on.

Bring one of the following:
1 hour holistic service
Bottle of Wine
dance class
exercise class
hand made cards or small art
Mixed CD
yoga class

About the teacher, Clare Taylor

Clare Taylor C.Ht. - Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Therapeutic Guided Imagery. A 2008 Graduant of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Tarzana, Ca. In private practice for 7 years, serving the greater Los Angeles area and Westside communities. Specializing in Behavior Modification/Hypnotherapy for vocational and avocational self improvement and general well being, including stress reduction and sleep.

Chin's Push
4917 York Blvd
Los Angeles US

Computers have the potential to endlessly enlighten and frustrate all of us. This class will cover some basic techniques to make your time on computers more fruitful, less annoying, and more secure. We'll go over different ways to access the programs, information, and other resources that you need to continue your practice as an activist, artist, curious digital diver - including: File Sharing (get/backup what u need!) Computer Security Computer/File Organization Suggested Helpful Programs Ad Blocking! Some Basic Computer Hardware Overview and any other tips/troubleshooting you have! This will be very open and free flowing. I'll cover some of these basics and also open up the space for any of us to share tips and try to tackle specific issues. ****Supplies students will need to bring to participate in class: Just bring your computer/device and your fleshy self.

Bring one of the following:
A Nod
A Rock
A Slap
A Twig
A Wink

About the teacher, Matt

Matt Weathers is an artist and activist. He wants to teach you new ways to listen and stroke your pet computer.

Sep 25, 2014 Thursday
Hosted by the Teacher
478 E Avenue 28
Los Angeles US

It's said that music makes a film come alive. As an independent filmmaker, how and when do you choose the right music for your film, especially if you have a small or nonexistent budget? Is it better to use a composer or to license music, and what is the difference? Jen will give you pointers and answer your burning questions in this mini-class which is open to filmmakers of all experience levels. Students will have an opportunity to show a clip from their film, with or without music. ****Supplies Students Need to Bring To Class: Notebook (paper or digital) Film clip (optional) Favorite music (also optional)

Bring one of the following:
A couple hours of handyperson services (i.e. patch a hole in the wall, sand some shelves, etc.)
A couple of hours of organizing help
A decent bottle of wine
Hair braiding
Help out someone in need (pay it forward)
Something really cool that I wouldn't have thought of, either a service or an item
Vegetable seedlings for our garden
Wool or alpaca yarn bits for making a felted cat toy (or a felted cat toy)

About the teacher, Jennifer Mandel

Jennifer Mandel, Music Supervisor and owner of Uncle Agnes Music, has been music supervising film, TV, commercials, and sports promos for over 12 years. She studied Music and Audio Recording, is a singer-songwriter, and assisted on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic for many years.

Sep 27, 2014 Saturday
Teacher's Home in Pasadena
614 E. Howard St. (behind #616)
Pasadena US

I will be teaching students how to re-wire a lamp with a faulty or outdated cord, plug, and/or socket. This will also be a class about how to make or assemble a lamp out of almost anything. Students will spend the first hour of class at a hardware store a few blocks from the teaching location, I will explain various types of cords, switches, and sockets, then help them choose the correct hardware for their project. The rest of the class will be a visual demo followed by hands-on application. ****Supplies students will need to bring to participate in class * I will provide standard black lamp cord, but students may decide to purchase another color of lamp cord. They will need to bring cash or card for purchase of supplies; most lamp repairs and from-scratch lamp kits cost less than $12. Students may also bring metal, wood, or plastic items that they would like to turn into a lamp. I do not have tools for glass or ceramics. If the student already happens to own wire strippers or a set of both types of screwdrivers, those are helpful but not required. I will provide a variety of tools and adhesives, and I will also have some paint and other miscellaneous crafty things on hand students are welcome use. Inspiration for found-object lamps:

Bring one of the following:
(10 pair pk) "Leight Sleepers" earplugs (available at Walgreens)
(50-100pk) disposable nitrile gloves
(6pk) 9” black lightweight invisible zippers (for skirts)
18g or 20g bare (uncoated) copper wire 50 ft rolls
New or lightly used wire strippers
NEW small-gauge drill bits (1/16”-1/8”)
Small bottles CA glue (Satellite City green label or comparable, can find at model/hobby shops)
Spool of rosin-core solder
tickets for Cinefamily
tickets/passes for theatre, music, museums, etc
Use of a pickup & lifty help for one trip during a future move (Sept/Oct?)

About the teacher, Shannon Dedman

Work: Freelance props master, set decorator, art director, shopper, props and furniture fabricator, project manager, consultant, puppet fabricator, and puppeteer. Play: Baker, performance artist, reader, referee, camper, maker/hacker/tinkerer/crafter.

Chez Arroyo
211 S Ave 57
Los Angeles US

This introductory class overviews the Creative Problem Solving or CPS process (a process, which resulted from more than 50 years of research and development) and its practical application on challenges, goals, and opportunities that individuals face in their personal and professional lives. We will identify and explain the four stages of the CPS process as well as a number of divergent and convergent tools that can be utilized in each to facilitate successful resolutions. We will practice the process on a challenge together and explore why some participants feel energized at one stage and challenged in another. ****SUPPLIES students need to bring to class: A pack of post it notes (larger size preferred), a color marker, an open mind, and wiliness to participate and have fun.

Bring one of the following:
chart paper
color markers
large post-it notes
networking tape (that doesn’t damage walls)
Services: Advice in one of the following areas: social media, web-site design, resume-cv-bio, branding-PR, business plan,

About the teacher, Adela Vangelisti

Adela’s diversified background provides her with a solid understanding of the issues impacting corporate as well as educational organizations in the 21st century. Her expertise in the creative process enables her to provide customized solutions and to work closely with her clients, ensuring they meet their key goals and objectives. Through her career Adela has worked as an editor-in-chief and creative director for a number of publications working closely with a variety of organizations and developing innovative solutions to help them navigate through change. She is certified as a LegoSerious Play, Creative Problem Solving (CPS) as well as Technology of Participation facilitator. She is fluent in Spanish. Adela is currently completing her M.S. at the International Center for Creative Studies, in Buffalo, New York.


Perfecting the Portrait

1:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.
5905 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036 US

This class, in it's essence, will be a basic photography course focusing on portraiture and what it takes to capture a beautiful photograph of someone. We live in a world that is being constantly documented by ourselves and everyone around us, so why not have the skills to make sure that it is done so in a way that will produce the most accurate and flattering images possible? I want to give people the basic tools of photography so that they can bring everything from there "selfie game" to the "first day of class" photo and beyond into commercial photography to the next level. There are some very basic and simple rules that one can follow to instantly take a better image, and this applies to your iPhone just as much as it does to your 3,000$ SLR camera. The class will be broken up in two parts, the first being a basic knowledge lecture with examples of imagery, followed by a hands on "how to" where each student will have the chance to take photos of a model provided by myself. The students will leave with the basic skills to produce quality images in various circumstances that they might encounter in daily life as well as more professional environments. I expect that this class will take anywhere from 3-4 hours. I will personally take an image of each student that will be edited and sent to them after the workshop is completed. ****Supplies Students Need to Bring To Class::: The students will be required to bring some form of technology equipped with a camera. It doesn't matter if it's your iPhone, some other smartphone, a point and shoot, or a large format SLR camera.

Bring one of the following:
A bag of apples (prefer fuji/Gala)
A bottle of wine (prefer sweet wine)
A small gift of your choice
Coffee (prefer low caffeine)
Homemade baked goods (no nuts please!)

About the teacher, Cameron Sarradet

Cameron Sarradet is an young photographer, originally from Louisiana, who moved to LA in May of 2014. He has been practicing photography for about 5 years and has experience in everything from Senior Portraits and Wedding photography to Actor's head shots and Conceptual Imagery. Although he has no formal training, his experiences and his body of work prove that he is more than qualified to relay the basics of his craft to a student body.

Gal Palace
131 S. Rampart Blvd.
Los Angeles US

The workshop is designed to empower emerging cultural creatives (visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, emerging creative space/event organizers, +) by providing an overview of marketing and promotion basics to help take them to their next level. The course will introduce key strategies and tools used for traditional publicity, email marketing, and online marketing. Participating students should have professional aspirations, actively pursuing their creative efforts (i.e., in an active band, making art, performing, etc.) Students will leave the course with the start of an action plan to guide their marketing and promotional efforts. The workshop is led by Charlene Boehne and Lynn Tejada, both of Green Galactic, an LA-based firm which provides publicity and marketing consulting services primarily to arts, culture, and entertainment clients.

Bring one of the following:
a bottle of Shiraz or Merlot
a piece of original dog art
clear garbage bags
graphic design assistance in creating a flyer
local fruits/vegetables (from your backyard, foraged, etc.)
snacks to share with the class
US postage stamps
video editing help

About the teacher, Lynn Tejada & Charlene Boehne

Established in Hollywood, California in 1993, Green Galactic provides publicity and marketing consulting services primarily to arts, culture, and entertainment clients. For over 20 years, Green Galactic Founder Lynn Tejada has been a publicist for alternative art and culture producers, enthusiastically representing clients on a local, regional, national, and international scale. Her promotional focus and client base has grown to include all things of interest to her including music, theatre, art, film, restaurants, dance, fashion, books, and more. Tejada has a BS in Television Production. A marketing professional and project manager for over 20 years, Charlene Boehne has worked in both the non-profit and corporate for-profit worlds. She joined Green Galactic in 2009, primarily as a marketing consultant and writer. Boehne, who has an MFA in Studio Art, has led business training workshops and taught college-level art classes.

Sep 28, 2014 Sunday
Chez Arroyo
211 S Ave 57
Los Angeles US

How long has it been since you've thought about your childhood dreams? Are you feeling stuck, or just want to change the general direction of your career? This class is for you. We will discuss the components of career discernment and explore your core values. You will determine if your core values are aligned with your current occupation. You will leave the class with a list of resources and methods to learn whether your values align with potential careers under consideration. ****SUPPLIES Students Will Need To Bring To Class: a notebook a pen an open mind

Bring one of the following:
a bottle of wine
a cat toy
a piece of art created by you
a vinyl record
follow me and TSLA on twitter (@ritasoultanian/@tradeschoolLA)
tell 10 people about TSLA (who don't already know about it) via email or facebook (tag me and TSLA!)
your favorite decaf tea

About the teacher, Rita Soultanian

Rita is a Career Counselor with 10 years of experience in career services and higher education. She is skilled at advising young professionals on the entry-level market and provides personalized guidance regarding occupational choices, goal setting, and job search. She is also a singer (check out The Silver Lake Chorus) and a voiceover artist.

My Mind Is Running!

5:30p.m. to 7:30p.m.
Chin's Push
4917 York Blvd
Los Angeles US

In this class, we will on the one hand consider how urban movement can deepen our understanding of Los Angeles’ material ambiance, or psychogeography. Aimless running- something similar to what the Situationist International writer Guy DeBord called dérive, or drifting- is a playful-constructive practice where we let ourselves “be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters we find there.” On the other hand, we will consider how running can be a meditative practice. We will look at questions such as, how does one meditate? Why should one meditate at all? And, how can we run in a mindful way? Although it is not required for the class, participants are encouraged to read Sakyong Mipham’s book “Running with the Mind of Meditation,” as well as Guy DeBord’s writings on dérive and psychogeography (available at online here We will not be running in this class. We will talk, meditate, make psychogeographical maps of Los Angeles terrain, and deconstruct our attachments to socially prescribed forms of movement. ****Supplies students will need to bring to be able to participate in this class: Please bring something comfortable to sit on (i.e. a large cushion or two, a meditation stool, a folding chair). Please also bring a brief written description of the city street where you work, of the route that you take to arrive at work, and of the city street where you reside. Please include details of color, lighting, smell and emotion. The more specific the better!

Bring one of the following:
A map
A record
Any type of jarred spread that you consider rare or exciting (sweet or savory)
Lessons on creating a garden
Something made out of jade

About the teacher, Dylan Howell

I like to run and I like to meditate, and I'm always tickled by French theory. If you give any of these things a shot, I think that you might like them too. I'm both looking forward to sharing what I know with the class, and to learning from other folks about their Los Angeles.