Mar 28, 2015 Saturday
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Everyday Mindfulness Meditation

2:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.
Elysian Park
835 Academy Road (exact location will be emailed to students prior to class)
Los Angeles US

Come and learn an everyday practice that improves overall health and well-being to calm the mind, relax the body, and rejuvenate the spirit. In this class we will practice three meditation techniques that have been used over the centuries that include sitting, walking, and eating meditations. All of these things you already do in your day-to-day life. Come to practice and enjoy with us a more intentional and loving way to be present with these activities and yourself. No previous experience or special supplies necessary. Supplies: Comfortable walking shoes & clothing Chair, cushion, mat, or anything else that you feel comfortable sitting on An open heart and mind **Wheelchair / Walker Access: This classroom space may be difficult to access by wheelchair or walker.

Bring one of the following:
Books on herbology
Natural cord for macrame (hemp or cotton)
Natural fabric (linen, hemp, cotton, wool, etc.)
Organic herbal tea
Organic nut or fruit flower (almond, coconut, etc.)
Wool yarn

About the teacher, Raquel Trinidad

Raquel has been practicing mindfulness meditation since 2006. Greatly enriched by the practice, she wants to share her love for mindfulness with others. She is an avid cyclist, gardener, reader, and overall curious person.

Mar 29, 2015 Sunday
3110 N. Broadway
Lincoln Heights US

this class is dedicated to the book. i will provide basic instruction on the home repair of problems commonly suffered by the mis-shelved / mishandled book & guidance for home appraisal of one's personal collection. this three-hour class on sunday, march 29th will provide those who attend with basic tips on how to mend small condition issues with both hardcover & softcover books; how to prevent damage in one's own home library; how to realistically appraise modern titles with use of trade guidebooks & internet; also, attendees will have the chance to bring two books from their own libraries to discuss / showcase. to class please bring: a few generic metal paperclips a lint-free cloth a sturdy paint-stick / wooden tongue decompressor / bone-folder 1 problematic hardcover book 1 problematic softcover book i will provide bro-darts (plastic sheets with which to cover dust jackets) for ten students. i will also have on hand examples of the common guides used in book appraisal & book identification. please note: results of our in-class repair will vary. attendees are not required to bring books for repair or required to repair the books brought to class. i envision the first hour of the class dedicated to a basic, summary lecture --- the second hour to be dedicated to a kind of show & tell / discussion / diagnosis / appraisal of the books brought by each student. the third hour is the hour for padding --- to account for those who have difficulty finding the location, parking, traffic, etc. you know, to account for all the curveballs our fair city tends to throw. i hope that toward the end of class we will all work to repair our books in a group. perhaps enjoy a glass of wine & snacks? let's build a community. bring your curiosity. **Wheelchair / Walker Access: This classroom space may be difficult to access by wheelchair or walker.

Bring one of the following:
a few bottles of perrier.
a plant snipping in an uncommon bottle or, a bit of a succulent in soil.
five interesting matchbooks.
salted, creamy almond butter.
some of your favorite coffee to brew.

About the teacher, patricia fetters

i am a happy resident of los angeles for thirteen years. a lover of books for thirty or so. i was most recently book manager at SOAP PLANT / WACKO in los feliz --- now freelance writer of copy & content for the promotion of those not comfortable with the act of self-sale or self-promotion publishing as THE OTHERWISE INCLINED. i can also be found volunteering at a frequent trade school l.a. classroom site - lincoln heights' non-profit HM157, loitering with a book or notebook at a bar, walking the l.a. river.

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Sevillanas (Flamenco dance)

5:30p.m. to 7:30p.m.
Teacher's Home in Echo Park
street address will to sent to registered students via email several days before class
Echo Park US

Learn this beautiful festive dance that originated in Southern Spain. Sevillanas can be danced by couples of all ages and sexes, groups of people, or performed alone. It can be sensual, dramatic, fast, slow, playful and more! It is comprised of 4 sections (called Coplas). In the class, students will learn the basics of the First Copla. We will begin the class with a Flamenco warm up and spend the last 15 minutes of class enjoying a JUERGA (dancing freely!!). Don't worry - it's fun and everyone can do it! **Wheelchair / Walker Access: This classroom space has a staircase with no ramp or escalator

Bring one of the following:
100% Gardenia Essential Oil
100% Lavender Essential Oil
100% Tea Tree Essential Oil
box of Washing Soda
Dark Coffee (no Columbian or Medium roast please)
fresh sage for burning
incense (any type or scent)
one box of Borax
one gallon of WHITE vinegar
wine (your choice)

About the teacher, Lucy Vargas

I’ve been dancing Flamenco for about 20 years and I enjoy sharing my love of this beautiful, passionate dance form! I've spent the past two decades dancing, acting and teaching in the Los Angeles area. I live in Echo Park with my husband and two daughters. Most recently, we spent a glorious two months in Switzerland!!!