Nov 7, 2014 Friday

Intro to Persian (Farsi) Conversation

10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.
Brand Park
1601 W Mountain St
Glendale, CA 91201 US

This class is for the students that are interested in learning Persian (Farsi) language, and who do not know any, or know very little, Persian (Farsi). Short outline of the class format: Start with introductions, teach essential words like greetings, feelings, family and more. Teach some Persian (Farsi) grammar. Asking questions from students & check pronunciation. Wrap-up and closing questions. ////SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING TO CLASS: Notebooks,pens and pencils. Appropriate clothing for sitting outside as this class will be held OUTDOORS.

Bring one of the following:
apple pie
Bananas + organic red apples
Black chocolate (>60%)
bottle of good red wine
dish soap
ground coffee
organic fruit juice(any)
Organic milk
organic tomatoes

About the teacher, Alen Hartounian

Hello! My name is Alen. I like to teach Persian (Farsi) language conversation to those who like this language. Persian (Farsi) is my native language. I've taught Persian (Farsi) doing tutoring in Los Angeles, at students' place or at public place like Starbucks.

Nov 8, 2014 Saturday
Chez Arroyo
211 S Ave 57
Los Angeles US

This class is a design thinking crash course ( with ideas of social consciousness and gift culture floating just under the surface. Design thinking methodology can be very useful in tackling any problems, formalizing what is essentially a very intuitive approach. We use parts of design thinking in our daily lives all the time. The core of the class will be a slightly modified version of the Gift-Giving Project (more on this @ Institute of Design at Stanford -, followed by a community leadership building exercise. You will walk away from the class inspired, reminded not to exclude yourself from the community, and having heard that "everything is interconnected" at least a couple of times! ///// SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING: If handy (not required): various "craft workshop" materials and tools to share , such as: color paper, tape, glue, stickers, Popsicle sticks, wire, thread, fabric, scissors, markers, etc. ///// Location Accessibility: This classroom is located on the second floor but does not have a ramp or escalator/elevator.

Bring one of the following:
a used book that you've read and would recommend!
surprise me!
a small to medium size (and no more that ~5-7lbs) object that you have sitting at home, not useful to you now, but hesitant to throw away because you think someone else might find it useful
a way to jump-start learning to swim as an adult
ideas for renting a cheap RV, and RV road trip tips

About the teacher, Hayk Makhmuryan

Hayk Makhmuryan is an advocate for building community through arts and creativity, coordinating a community arts studio in the Skid Row community for over 6 years. He is keenly aware of his constant use of the word "community", but is yet to find a better word. We learn best by practicing and sharing the knowledge with others. As he's learning more about design thinking, he'd like to share the ideas with others to better understand it himself (also because the ideas are worth sharing!). A self-described everythingian.

Nov 9, 2014 Sunday
(Almost full)

Making Great Coffee at Home

10:30a.m. to 12:00p.m.
Helio Cafe
710 N Heliotrope Dr,
Los Angeles US

Learn how to make great coffee at home. Learn different variables to adjust to improve your daily cup(s). After reviewing the elements that go into making a cup of coffee, we will prepare (and drink!) several cups using a variety of brewing methods and coffee beans.

Bring one of the following:
AA Batteries
Hablamos en Español conmigo por una hora
Handmade bar of soap
Have a work or social meeting at Helio Cafe in November
Pound plus of oatmeal, barley, or beans
Red Wine

About the teacher, Molly Ortiz

Molly Ortiz is from the mountains & deserts of Idaho and has lived in Los Angeles since 2008. She smiles a lot.

Chez Arroyo
211 S Ave 57
Los Angeles US

An overview of the basic contracts you will likely come across as an artist or independent business owner. The contract basics: purpose of a contract, elements, enforcement, when you need a lawyer; intellectual property issues; employment contracts; common contract disputes for artists.

Bring one of the following:
bottle of wine
coffee beans
dark chocolate
Great book
organic fruits and/or veggies

About the teacher, Danielle Fredericks

Los Angeles-based attorney Danielle Fredericks has always straddled the divide between art and business. She pursued her joint JD/MBA degree from Loyola Marymount University while performing in local theater productions and performance painting with poets and musicians. Danielle concentrated her legal studies on the protection of independent artists and businesses: intellectual property rights including First Amendment law, copyright, trademark, patent and Internet technology law. ArtVenture Law is the fusion of Danielle’s passion for the arts and social justice, with her legal and business training and experience. She hopes to provide legal services to artists and independent business owners, those who are often unsure of their rights and need attorneys, but do not know how to access the legal system. Danielle believes she can build a bridge between the legal and artistic communities based on the guiding principles that ignite both justice and the creative spirit.


HoliDIY Watercolor Class

2:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.
At the Teacher's Art Studio in Silverlake
Address will be provided upon registration
Silverlake - Los Angeles US

Using nature as our inspiration, we'll have a crafternoon of creating watercolor holiday postcards! Utilizing simple watercolor techniques, we'll create branches and leaves in Fall's natural colors. Later, we'll be able to add hand carved stamps and stencils for a finishing touch! //// SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING TO CLASS: water bottle, snacks and a smock /// Location Accessibility: This location is accessible by wheelchair & walker, although because it's a very small classroom, please email us ahead of time so that we can ensure that sufficient room is available.

Bring one of the following:
10 Luna/Cliff Bars or Trader Joe's Fruit Leathers
2 Bars of Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap,
any scent Emergen-C or generic brand
Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic Lavender Coconut Hair Crème - 6 oz.
Watercolor Paper Pad, 140 lb., any size

About the teacher, Sienne Mascarenas Diaz

I am an Illustrator who creates adventure themed, eco-friendly goods and teaches my craft!

Pop-Hop Books and Print
5002 York Blvd
Los Angeles US

Using the idea of design as a way of thinking and problem solving, this workshop will help artists and creative professionals put together materials for job and grant applications. Emphasis will be on using graphic design skills and larger design principles and strategies to effectively communicate the artist’s intentions in portfolios, resumes, artist statements and grant applications. We'll attack the portfolio/application in terms of such design terms as user need, UX, branding, hierarchy and the grid to think about how to put together materials in a way to show off work in the best light. ///// SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING: Computers with software you are designing application in. InDesign preferred, but the ideas can be applied to any program. ///// Location Accessibility: This location is accessible by walker & wheelchair

Bring one of the following:
coconut butter
coconut flakes
half hour massage
organic meat
organic vegetables
written testimonial about the course written after class

About the teacher, Betsy Medvedovsky

Betsy Medvedovsky is an Echo Park-based graphic designer who's applied for a million jobs, residencies and other opportunities, at least some of the time successfully. She never knew how to do a portfolio when she was coming up and likes teaching this class as a gift to her younger self.

Nov 14, 2014 Friday

Figure Drawing 101

8:00p.m. to 10:00p.m.
Teacher's Home in Echo Park
1505 1/2 Allesandro St 90026
Los Angeles US

Get an overview of figure drawing techniques, an intro to some of the masters, and lots of practice sketching a live model. Class will cover basic instruction and techniques, followed by plenty of practice with a live model. Either clothed or nude subjects (depending on who will work for free) with timed poses ranging from 1-30 minute poses. Possibly would use participants as models (clothed, of course). ///// SUPPLIES You'll Need to Bring: A large sketch pad, at least 18x24 inches (larger is better). Vine charcoal, graphite pencils, pens, markers, pastels, crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, paints (and brushes, if you promise not to make a mess). Easel if you want, but otherwise we will be seated around the room. Some might like a large clip board to work on, but make sure that you at least have a sturdy sketch pad or other surface to draw on. ///// Location Accesibility: This location is accessible by walker but is not equipped with a ramp for wheelchairs.

Bring one of the following:
A book that you’ve read and liked (or that has really great illustrations in it)
A unique/weird coffee mug, like a Goodwill or garage sale gem
Bag of coffee
Christmas lights
Something you made (food or craft)
Surprise Me!

About the teacher, Karen Stasevich

I grew up in rural Michigan with all sorts of animals around. I'm not a professional artist, but I sure do like trying and I enjoy hosting twice-monthly figure drawing sessions (Happy Drawing Times at Echo Park on Facebook).

Nov 15, 2014 Saturday

Introversion Explained

11:00a.m. to 12:30p.m.
Chez Arroyo
211 S Ave 57
Los Angeles US

So, you’ve taken an online test and learned that you’re an introvert. You’re not entirely sure what that means, but you suspect you’re now doomed to die alone with 15 cats and one parakeet. There’s an amazing number of misconceptions about introverts out there, and I’ll be helping you to sort through these half-truths and well-meaning myths. In this class we’ll talk about the definition of introversion (no, it doesn’t mean shy), and what science is telling us about our temperament. We’ll also talk about an introvert’s strengths and weaknesses, and then examine how to use this label to understand ourselves without being confined by it. Although this class is geared toward introverts, respectful extroverts who want to learn more about introversion are welcome too. // Format: class will be formatted * We start off with students taking a common introvert/extrovert quiz. We then discuss the results. The remainder of the class is a lecture, with plenty of opportunities for questions. Towards the end students will get a chance to reflect on how they can use this knowledge in their everyday lives. ///// SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING: A pen. ///// Location Accessibility: This location has stairs but no ramp or elevator/escalator access.

Bring one of the following:
A Facebook Like (
A home grown fruit or veggie
A surprise
A Twitter Follow (
Nice stationery
One hour worth of digital illustrations
One hour worth of research

About the teacher, Thea Orozco

Thea runs a website for introverts called Introvertology. She coaches people to work with their introversion instead of against. When she’s not ranting about how introversion is not the same as shy, she can be found nestled in a corner, reading non-fiction books that most people would find boring.


Beginning Ballet/Jazz

2:00p.m. to 3:30p.m.
Teacher's Backyard
1666 Westmoreland Blvd (not Avenue, there is one near by)
Los Angeles US

We will cover some of basics of jazz and ballet. We will go through some technique, performance quality and vocab. Class will begin with an introduction of ballet and jazz. We will begin with a warm-up, across the floor and center. ///// SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING: Flexible shoes if possible or ballet/jazz shoes. No sandals. Comfortable clothing that you can move in. No jeans. ///// Location Accessibility: This location is accessible by walker & wheelchair

Bring one of the following:
Clean Garden Soil
Indoor Plant
A good used book
An accordion lesson
ANY kind of art piece
Bag repair service
Mixed CD
Organic Seeds
Pocket knife
Vegan food or baked good

About the teacher, Ashley Towne

Ashley Towne - moved to LA from Flagstaff, Arizona. In Arizona she established and participated in multiple performing dance companies while receiving her Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Northern Arizona University. Through out time she has used dance as a tool for connecting to individuals, the environment and her community. She has worked with choreographers such as Dante7, Andre Fuentes, Lisa Eardly, Sheri Godfrey and more. She has been teaching dance and performing in the United States, Asia and Europe for over 10 years.


Basic Creative Drumming

2:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.
ABC Rehearsal Studio
2575 N. San Fernando Road
Los Angeles US

This is a hands-on class where students will have the opportunity learn a basic groove on the drum set, how to hold sticks, and familiarize themselves with a basic drum set. Students will spend time deciphering the different sounds involved in percussion through listening, observing and trying it for themselves! I will spend the first section demonstrating the different parts of a drum set, how it is played, and some of the possibilities and roles each component plays. Then, we will begin with the basics of holding the drum sticks (provided by the teacher) and hitting drum pads as a group. We will cover a couple basic rudiments and techniques during this time. The second half will be spent giving everyone a chance to get behind the drum set and working on a basic rock or jazz groove and fill. If there is time left, I'd like to ask everyone to bring in a song that has a drum part they particularly like, and we will listen to it, dissect it, and learn to play it if time allows. All styles are welcome! In fact, the more esoteric, the better! ////SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING TO CLASS: Bring in a recording of a song with your favorite drum part (or one you want to learn) on your phone, ipod or a CD. Also, bring drum sticks and a drum practice pad (or a hard surface to hit) if you have them! Otherwise I will provide you with those things! ////Location Accessibility: This location has stairs 4 but no ramp or elevator/escalator access.

Bring one of the following:
1 hr of help building a website
A dvd of the strangest movie you've ever seen
A metal object that makes a significant sound when struck
An original business card design
The most inspiring book you've ever read
The strangest hummel you've ever seen

About the teacher, Joe Westerlund

Joe Westerlund is an internationally touring drummer for the bands Califone, Megafaun, Gayngs, and his solo project, Grandma Sparrow. He holds a BA in Music Compostion/Improvisation from Bennington College, where he studied with avant-garde jazz pioneer Milford Graves, and NYC composers Kitty Brazelton and Anthony Coleman. His education encouraged him to continue to explore the lines between convention and experimentation in his own original music. When not on the road, Joe lives with his wife Carson and his pug Dora in Eagle Rock, where he works by day as a drum technician for Drum Doctors.

Nov 16, 2014 Sunday

Neighborhood Microbiome!

11:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.
Gallery of Art Center South Campus
950 S. Raymond
Los Angeles US

The Human Microbiome is an environment of beneficial microorganisms that live on and in your body. Having a healthy and diverse microbiome is increasingly seen as an important method for better health. The class will explore what a healthy microbiome means and what are ways to ensure a healthy microbiome for ourselves and our community. By exploring together we will uncover our hidden bacterial neighborhood and how to move past the"icky" of bacteria. The class will be formatted as following: Introductions! 1. What is the microbiome? intro + information packets 2. What are ways to work with your microbiome? info 3. class forum/ talking, questions and suggestions by class 4. make kim chi (a natural probiotic) 5. prep table 6. mapping kit distribution/ students are given a kit to map their neighborhood microbiome ///// SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING: Teacher will provide all materials ///// Location Accessibility: This location is accessible by walker & wheelchairs.

Bring one of the following:
a pack of pens (for the class to write notes)
paper towels (to help clean up the class)
sample of your microbiome
snacks to share

About the teacher, Kristina L. Ortega

Kristina L. Ortega is a designer currently enrolled in Graduate Media Design Practices at Art Center College of Design. Kristina is interested in systems and how individuals exist, benefit and tactically operate within them. Kristina perviously worked in the fashion industry.

3110 N. Broadway
Lincoln Heights US

When you project your radiance you become magnetic. Through yoga and meditation the aura is strengthened, and it glitters and sparkles with golden hues, giving you a radiance. When we are radiant in a pure, subtle, sophisticated manner, others are unconsciously drawn to us; therefore, we become prosperous. This workshop style Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class will work with the current Astrology to assist students in navigating these intense times of rapid and profound transformation. Students will learn basic mantras, meditations and exercises that will assist with releasing karmic blocks that hinder us on our path to greatness. Astrology is our roadmap; our birth chart is a navigational tool. When we learn to recognize the signs, and follow the signs, listening to our heart / soul, we truly come into balance... and balance is the key to happiness. ///// SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING: Open mind / heart; Yoga mat or blanket; Water to stay hydrated ///// Location Accessibility: This location is accessible by walker but is not equipped with a ramp for wheelchairs.

Bring one of the following:
champagne / chablis / sancerre
crystals / minerals
jewelry making / soldering lesson
massage / healing session / tarot, astro, numerology reading
vintage china teacups & saucers

About the teacher, Erica Marie Liscano

Erica Marie Liscano is a certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, who works with astrology, crystals and dream-state to provide students with positive and profound results. Her focus as a teacher and healer is on sexuality and spirituality. She also holds degrees in Gender, Feminist and Comparative Religious Studies.

Pop-Hop Books and Print
5002 York Blvd
Los Angeles US

Do you have a skill or bit of knowledge that you'd like to share in a class, but are nervous about planning a class? Do you feel like you need some guidance when it comes to being a great teacher? Whether you want to test the waters as a brand-new teacher, or are an old-pro, this class will aim to have something for everyone. We'll discuss tips on preparing for and structuring your class, online resources that can be useful, how to maximize your time with students and how to make classes more engaging. While we'll discuss some things that will be specific to teaching a Trade School class, you could easily apply this knowledge anywhere. ////SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING: Paper & pen //// Location Accessibility: This location is wheelchair & walker accessible.

Bring one of the following:
1 hour consultation from someone with +5 years experience in PR & Marketing
2 bottles 100% pure coconut water
A drawing depicting a positive sentiment or phrase (like, "You're doing an awesome job!")
Bottle of sauvignon blanc
Dr. Bronner's liquid lavendar soap

About the teacher, Leanne Pedante

Leanne Pedante founded Trade School LA and heads up its organization. When not thinking/talking about/working on Trade School LA, she works as a freelance graphic designer and also as a fitness trainer. She is on the board of nonprofit HM157 and resides in Highland Park.


TSLA Brainstorming Party!

6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m.
Pop-Hop Books and Print
5002 York Blvd
Los Angeles US

Trade School LA grows each month and we need YOU to help mold its future! During this brainstorming party, we'll look together at TSLA's future potential and its current challenges. We'll start by introducing ourselves and doing a session of Speed Bartering to meet each other and get in the exchange spirit. Then we'll talk briefly about where TSLA stands and what it's done so far. Next we'll move into the Brainstorming part of the party. We'll do some exercises to brainstorm solutions and ideas that will help Trade School LA offer more of what you want, help sustain its future, ease some of the logistical challenges and keep improving what its offering to the community. Oh, we'll also be having FUN while we do all of this. Anyone who has attended or taught a TSLA class is encouraged to attend. If registration fills up quickly, we may move the class location. /////SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED TO BRING: Pen & Paper /// Location Accessibility: This location is accessible by walker & wheelchair

Bring one of the following:
1 bottle of sauvignon blanc wine
1 easel pad of paper (approximately 27" x 34")
1 Pack of large name tags
1 pack of Sharpie markers
2 bars of dark chocolate

About the teacher, Leanne Pedante

Leanne Pedante founded Trade School LA and heads up its organization. When not thinking/talking about/working on Trade School LA, she works as a freelance graphic designer and also as a fitness trainer. She is on the board of nonprofit HM157 and resides in Highland Park.