Dec 3, 2016 Saturday

My Wellness Plan for 2017

6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m.
Trade School Indy @ Rabble Coffee
2119 E 10th St
Indianapolis US

When was the last time you set and stuck to the perfect New Year’s Resolution? You already know they don’t work, or at least, are not easy. In this session you will take a step back to look at the big picture of your health. You will get a better understanding that health is not all about eliminating junky food. It is about lifestyle choices, including relationships, careers and spirituality. We will create our SMART goals. At the end of this session you will have a solid wellness plan for your 2017. You will also have an immediate plan for enjoying the treats of the holiday season.

Bring one of the following:
fresh fruit or veggies from home garden
* email to volunteer at this class (this is your barter!)
* something else you'd like to offer (my contact info is in the registration email)
favorite vegetarian holiday recipe
gently used, new coats to donate
house plant
rocks/crystals with note of meaning

About the teacher, Stacey Davis

Stacey is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She works with the theory of bio-individuality meaning no one diet is right for everyone. Nutrition is more than the food we eat or don’t eat. Positive relationships, careers and spirituality are important to our overall health. Stacey is an Ultra Marathon trail runner and finds the most joy being grounded with nature.