Apr 22, 2015 Wednesday
(Almost full)
Wild Leek
2156 Windsor Street
Halifax CA

The internet. You've used it, but now the time has come and you're ready to hang up your own little shingle. But... ahh, where do you start? Join Alison Knott as she helps you navigate the exciting (and downright confusing at times) world of having your own website. Ideal for everyone from the causal blogger to social groups to small business owners! Topics covered include: * URLS, hosting, email addresses and other expected start-up costs (or savings!) * Posting, carousel, tags, and other common web terms * Website creation platforms and which one is best for your needs * Common pitfalls when starting out and how to avoid them * How to reach and meaningfully connect with your intended audience There will be a presentation by Alison covering these topics and more, followed by a group Q + A session. Please note this is not a class about how to code HTML/CSS.

Bring one of the following:
jokes, the world needs more jokes
old bus transfers (she has 3 parrots that love to play with them)
website questions

About the teacher, Alison

Alison Knott (http://eraserheader.ca) is a visual artist dedicated to enriching the visual artist community of Halifax through workshops, speaking engagements and public events. A designer by day and an avid figure drawer by night, Alison heads up the East Coast Creative Collective (http://e3chalifax.ca), a monthly meetup for designers, illustrators and animators. She is ruled by two pet parrots, and that's why she needs fruit and paper transfers!