Nov 16, 2014 Sunday

Save the Seeds!

12:00p.m. to 1:00p.m.
Plan B
2180 Gottingen Street
Halifax CA

A discussion and hands-on seed saving demo. We’ll discuss pollination, isolation requirements and techniques for collecting seeds from a variety of different plants (focusing on edibles). We’ll also cover biennials and their overwintering needs, seed storage and breeding your own varieties. Hands-on threshing and cleaning of beans and brassicas and more. We have co-evolved with seeds for thousands of years, and without them we’re relying on corporate interests for the very basis of our food system. Help keep the seeds in the hands of the people... On that note, there will be free seeds!

Bring one of the following:
- A joke (bad puns if possible)
- Clean wine bottles or beer bottles with resealable lids (bonus points if they still contain wine or beer)
- Glass carboys of any size for brewing
- Large Mason Jars with lids
- Snacks and/or Birthday cake for the group (it’s my birthday!)
-A smile
-Seeds or a recipe with a story behind them

About the teacher, Owen Bridge

Owen Bridge is a farmer and seed saver, who runs Annapolis Seeds in Middleton. Saving seeds since the age of 10, he’s currently growing 2 acres of gardens and maintaining over 300 seed varieties (with lots of help from friends and community). Annapolis Seeds offers locally adapted seeds by mail order and at markets. When not farming or at markets you can find Owen foraging for mushrooms and wild herbs, exploring valley woodlands and waterfalls or playing the mandolin really badly.