Dec 12, 2015 Saturday
(Almost full)
The Good Food Emporium
2186 Windsor Street
Halifax, West End CA

How we think about the world and our place in it matters. Social change and social justice aren't just about social movements and collective action, they're also about ideas - why society is the way it is, who benefits and who pays, how the world might be different, how we might get there. In this workshop we'll take a tour through some key concepts advanced by radical political thinkers (alienation, exploitation, hegemony, liberation, oppression, revolution) and consider them in relation to actual struggles for radical social change and social justice to see if and how they "work" in the world.

Bring one of the following:
Vegetarian Snacks

About the teacher, Alex Khasnabish

Alex Khasnabish teaches sociology and anthropology at Mount Saint Vincent University and is co-director (with Max Haiven) of the Radical Imagination Project. With a history in social justice activism and organizing, today Alex seeks to research, educate, and write with radical anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist movements as a way of contributing to radical social change.