Mar 16, 2016 Wednesday
Rad Storm
6050 Almon Street
Halifax CA

In this workshop, you will come away learning many of our protest-ready hand symbols that direct the group during chaotic protests, and at least one of our catchy songs. We will also give a brief description of the group's history and what we have learned from attending dozens of demos in Halifax and New Brunswick. Please note: You do not need to be a drummer in any shape or form to attend this workshop! We are a casual group and very few of our members would call themselves "drummers". Our drum parts are basic and will be broken down so all skill levels can grasp them. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. DRUMS (AND EAR PLUGS) PROVIDED.

Bring one of the following:
Drum sticks
Pantry food items

About the teacher, Rad Rhythms

Rad Rhythms is Halifax-based drumming group modeled on the international drum movement Rhythms of Resistance. We've been jazzing up protests and political demonstrations in Halifax with our Latin-inspired beats since 2013.