Nov 21, 2015 Saturday

Piñata Making

10:30a.m. to 12:00p.m.
Halifax Central Library: Creative Lab
5440 Spring Garden Road
Halifax CA

Would you like to make an AMAZING piñata without the mess of paper mâché? It's easy to make your own with a cardboard box, hot glue, and crêpe paper! If you can draw a shape, you can make a impressive piñata for your next party. This workshop is geared to adults, but open to children and teens 10+. We will provide scissors, glue guns, markers, and instruction in techniques. Please bring a large cardboard box, an idea of what you want to make your pinata of, scissors, and tissue or streamer paper for decorating if you want a specific color. Paper is key to make your piñata exactly the way you want it to be. Please contact the facilitator for additional information.

Bring one of the following:

About the teacher, Kate Wright

Kate Wright is a teacher and crafter with a decade of experience instructing children and adults.Her first piñata was of Bart Simpson.