Feb 7, 2016 Sunday

Pastry Making 101

2:30p.m. to 4:00p.m.
Veith House
3115 Veith St
Halifax, NS B3K 3G9 CA

Come and join us in the Veith House kitchen for a workshop on pastry making! The pastry can be used for pie, or tarts, as in butter tarts. We will have aluminum pie plates and a couple of muffin pans for tarts, but please bring your own muffin pan to be on the safe sides if you would like to try tarts. Another option is to make the pie shell and take it home, unfilled and freeze it for future use. Some of the ingredients (white flour and shortening) will be supplied, but others you need to bring yourself: * a rolling pin if you have one. Or a tall tumbler. cylindrical. * about 8 apples for a pie. (I suggest MacIntosh. a tart-tasting apple is best. Absolutely no Delicious apples.) * 1 cup of brown sugar * if you are thinking of butter tarts: 1 c. brown sugar, 2 eggs, some raisins. From the assemblage of ingredients to the rolling out of the dough it will take about 45 min. The filling will take about 30 min. and the baking about 30 min. Or, alternatively one may take their pie uncooked and bake at home (350 degrees for 30-40 min.) .

Bring one of the following:
Just bring your own ingredients! (apples, sugar etc) and tools

About the teacher, Lois McVannel

I am a retired music teacher and enjoy baking and drinking tea. I bicycle, (don’t own a car), read good books, and play piano.