May 28, 2015 Thursday
Plan B
2180 Gottingen Street
Halifax CA

Many of us have heard about the law of attraction and the idea that if we think positive thoughts we'll attract positive things. But is it really about positive thinking? Not exactly. Author and entrepreneur Ricky Goodall goes beyond the law of attraction and shares what has discovered are the necessary aspects of creating the life of our dreams.

Bring one of the following:
poems or drawings about happiness

About the teacher, Ricky Goodall

Ricky Goodall is a former professional mixed martial artist, nutrition coach and entrepreneur. He has opened four wellness businesses including his most recent The Nutrition Blueprint, a nutrition coaching service and Elevated Wellness Center. He offers various types of coaching including nutrition, meditation, business and is in the process of creating a Wellness Mentorship Certification course. He has also recently finished writing his first book The Elements, which is a strategic guide to manifesting the life of your dreams.