Nov 13, 2015 Friday

Indoor Vegetable Growing

1:30p.m. to 2:30p.m.
University Avenue
Halifax CA

Dalhousie Community Garden is hosting a workshop on easy it is to grow vegetables indoors in containers, how to sprout, grow microgreens, and keep greens things in your kitchen all winter long! We will talk about all the important factors: soil, light, and air. We have seeds to share, and participants may take home some sprouting seeds as well as some vegetable or herb seeds to take home with them! We will also go over some seed saving techniques. The workshop takes place in room 302 in the SUB (3rd floor, Student Union Building) on 6136 University Ave, Dalhousie Campus.

Bring one of the following:
extra seeds you would like to share
snack to share!

About the teacher, April Bartlett

April Bartlett works for the Dalhousie Urban Garden Society, a student run society that encourages and assists our community members explore the benefits of growing one's own food and growing food for others! We are a small organic and pesticide free garden where we experiment with different methods of growing. We have our own seed library shared with the student community, and engage in projects that develop the physical garden space and share new information and skills with our community.