Feb 23, 2016 Tuesday

Improve Your Use Of Type!

10:30p.m. to 12:00a.m.
Plan B
2180 Gottingen Street
Halifax CA

Do you know how to combine different fonts without it looking amateur? Do you recognize a great piece of art that incorporates type but can't convey how? Do you just want to make fancier or more professional printouts for your job or next DIY project? Then come and be enlighten about the wonderful world of type! This workshop will involve us getting into groups to practice what we learn. It is ideal for illustrators, crafters, doodlers - anyone who wants to improve their typography skills! What we will cover: - typography basics like kerning, leading, etc - how to combine different fonts aesthetically and with purpose - style and type libraries resources What to Bring: - something to take notes with (a must!) - samples of your work to share with the group (only if you want to, this helps everyone to see where you are with typography)

Bring one of the following:
A pun or joke
Old bus transfers
Uncut and unwashed fruit

About the teacher, Alison

Alison Knott (http://eraserheader.ca) is a visual artist dedicated to enriching the visual artist community of Halifax through workshops, speaking engagements and public events. A designer by day and an avid figure drawer by night, Alison heads up the East Coast Creative Collective (http://e3chalifax.ca), a monthly meetup for designers, illustrators and animators. She is ruled by two pet parrots, and that's why she needs fruit and paper transfers!