May 17, 2015 Sunday
South House
6286 South Street
Halifax CA

Do you like renewable energy? Do you like working with your hands? Do you like sharing skills, talking about energy, hugs, crafts, screen-printing or film making? Well then we may have a bit of fun together at Trade School! We're putting on a Solar Panel Workshop where we hope to complete one of our home-made, self-designed Photovoltaic solar panels! WHAT: We'll all be hanging out, building and facilitating anyone who would like to learn these skills! This ime we will focus on soldering, soon to be followed by another workshop about wiring. Of course we will also introduce you to the general basics around solar panels. The participants do not need any materials. We will bring 90% of what we would need to construct the panels. People just need to show with comfortable clothing! The exact location will be announced. Stay tuned!

Bring one of the following:

About the teacher, If You Build It

If You Build It is an interdisciplinary collective and non-profit organization of friends working to make meaningful change through positive action in the community. Our inspiration comes from the desire to create awareness for sustainable alternative forms of energy. Much of our activity has been focused on engaging with the environmental and sustainability community thriving within Nova Scotia. Over the past two years If You Build It has engaged in two major projects. The first was to build a wind turbine for a family living in Tatamagouche, a village in Colchester County, Nova Scotia. The second has been focussed on building solar panels. We aren’t experts and we don’t aspire to be paid for any work we do. Our profit comes from learning, sharing and engaging with the environmental community in Nova Scotia. More info at