Nov 1, 2014 Saturday
Rad Storm
6050 Almon Street
Halifax CA

The concept of 'constructing civilizations' is a means to explore myth making, our humanity and a sense of place within an ecosystem. The workshop will be playful. This 2 hour workshop looks at introductory principals of Ecological Siting and how they relate to intentional and constructive inhabitation... a.k.a. 'good' design. It explores this both at a building and an interpersonal level. As the workshop is fairly condensed it will focus on introducing strategies for identifying and interacting with ecological edges. Examples of dynamic edges in nature will be explored, discussed and designed around (intertidal zone and the edge of a forest). Group and individual exercises will stress the importance of practice. The curriculum is unique in that it must be practiced lightly and curiously to be understood and to be effective.

Bring one of the following:
Beautiful old wooden or metal things
Food (of course (excluding excessive processed sugar)
Hardware, screws, brackets, bolts, etc.
Lighting fixtures that cast interesting shadows (possible old antique metal somethings)
Taller tripod
Tools: roofing square. combination square, jigsaw
Use of a bike trailer (at a future date)
Use of a truck or a trailer (at a future time)

About the teacher, Joshua Collins

Joshua Collins graduated with a Masters of Architecture three years ago and has taken to construction, education and artistic endeavours since graduating. He maintains a special emphasis on light and lightness in his practice.