Jun 17, 2015 Wednesday

Building Fairy Houses

12:00p.m. to 2:00p.m.
Fort Needham Memorial Park
Halifax, NS B3K 3N9
Halifax CA

I am gathering people together to build as many fairy houses as possible in the city of Halifax. A fairy house is a little haven, created from elements of nature (stones, twigs, bark, leaves, etc) that can help house the tiny fairies roaming our Halifax streets. I am calling on anyone to lend a hand to scavenge the land for perfect building materials and find the most magical places in Halifax to create small dwelling places. The city is big and busy, and often we forget that little moments of beauty exist in the trees and parks and grasses. Lets explore and create outisde! This is an ongoing project that you can bring anywhere, your home, the woods, the lakes, the beach, school, work, etc. My goal is to initiate building fairy houses far and wide and to spread the joy of feeling connected with nature wherever we are. We'll meet at the entrance on Novalea Drive and Hennessey Place at 4pm and stroll around Fort Needham. Drop in and out whenever you want!

Bring one of the following:
Anything from nature to build fairy houses

About the teacher, Rena Thomas

Rena Thomas is an artist, nanny, care provider and doula living in Halifax. She loves jumping in cold lakes, being outside, cooking soup, singing with a fun choir and jamming with acro-yoga pals!