May 11, 2015 Monday
Rad Storm
6050 Almon Street
Halifax CA

Due to an ongoing interest in reconciliation workshops, Canadian Roots youth volunteers are back to host the Blanket Exercise for a second time this year. The Blanket Exercise is an interactive, educational exercise on Indigenous rights developed by KAIROS Canada to teach about the histories of the land and of colonization in Canada. The activity offers a hands-on way to explore the nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Peoples, to work towards reconciliation, and to empower folks in building bridges of understanding and respect. It takes about an hour to run the exercise, which uses blankets to represent the lands of what is now Canada, and participants represent the First Peoples - responding to various cues in a script read by the narrators that takes the participants through history, up until the present.

Bring one of the following:
Blankets (just old blankets!)

About the teacher, Killa and Zoé

Killa and Zoé are volunteers with Canadian Roots Exchange, an organization that works to build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth across Canada. CRE is dedicated to breaking down stereotypes, opening spaces for dialogue and buidling honest relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people living on this land.