Oct 12, 2014 Sunday
Cornwallis/North Park
Halifax CA

Come hang out and learn to juggle! Learn some new flashy tricks! Meet others interested in the wonderful art of juggling! And obviously have lots of fun! Clubs and balls will be provided! Take home a set of 3 juggling balls! If the weather doesn't allow us to meet in the Commons come to the Mystic Harp Yoga Studio, just around the corner. It is on 5663 Cornwallis St, Suite 303.

Bring one of the following:
Dark Chocolate
Surprise Me
Tall Beer
Your Beautiful Self

About the teacher, Danger Mike

Mike is a true entertainer, and loves to leave a crowd grinning. Don’t take him lightly though, Mike can often be seen juggling clubs, torches, hatchets and blowtorches. He combines this with his balancing acts, a busking honed sense of humor to create The Mike Danger Show. He trains and performs closely with Halifax Circus! Mike also performs and travels with the maritime-based fire trope Industribe.