Can I become a teacher? Yes! We believe you don’t have to have an outstanding CV to teach a class. All you need is passion and enthusiasm. Think about it: the people who are the best at what they do are often the most passionate about their work. Anyone will be able to pitch an idea for a class within these areas and equally, lessons will be free to attend by all. What lessons can I teach? The best thing about Trade School Glasgow is that it will be the first in the world to focus its classes on practical subjects centred on and around social care and community development. You will find subjects and methods of learning at our school that you won’t be able to take elsewhere. Classes will fall under one of four subject areas which are key to the social care sector: Personalisation and Self-Directed Support, Community Development, Personal Development and Health and Wellbeing. We hope that people will be able to benefit from key knowledge, skills, ideas and partnerships which will develop from the classes. Can I get help setting up my classes? Of course! Whether you want to hold classes on advocacy or first aid, life coaching, blogging or even armchair yoga, Social Care Ideas Factory will be on hand to offer you all the support and help you may need – from finding the right venue to working out lesson plans. Why do I have to take part in the barter system? I don't need anything from my pupils. One of the most unique thing about Trade School Glasgow is that no money is its barter system whereby teachers come up with a wish list of items and students who attend will bring along the items requested. So, for example, in exchange for a class on confidence building, a teacher could come up with a wish list with items including, ideas to bring to the class, snacks and drinks, pens and paper, a film recommendation or simply class participation. Bartering is a great way for teachers to further their craft and may also provide opportunities for teachers to request items that may otherwise be tricky to obtain, for instance, feedback from participants on a particular aspect of social care, fund raising tips or volunteer time. It also helps to promote pupil's respect for the teachers time and effort which has been put into a class as well being a fantastic way to build team spirit! Can I use the Trade School for self promotion? No. The key philosophy of the Trade School is that classes are centred on teachers sharing particular skills, ideas or knowledge to a keen group of learners rather than as an avenue for self-promotion by the teachers and organisations involved. With this in mind, we will contact all teachers who are keen to be involved to make sure this is understood and we will also undertake strict checks to ensure this underlying principle of the school is not broken. Sign up for a class, get involved and come meet us at a class! You can also get in touch via e-mail:

andreascif1@gmail.com or gaylescif@gmail.com