Established by social care charity, Social Care Ideas Factory, Trade School Glasgow is a chapter of the New York Trade School and is the first of its kind in Scotland. The school is an alternative learning space that runs on barter and is also the first in the world to focus its classes on practical subjects on and around health, social care, self improvement and community development. We hope the school will help build stronger, more involved communities within Glasgow and, with this in mind, you will find methods of learning at Trade School Glasgow that you won’t be able to take elsewhere. The most unique thing is  classes are paid for by non-monetary exchanges. Instead of payment, the school will run on barter. Teachers will come up with a wish list of items and students who attend will bring along the items requested. We hope that both social care providers and individuals will be able to benefit from key knowledge, skills, ideas and partnerships which will develop from the classes. Watch a video about our work. This was made for our launch by animation duo Alex and Kerry Hyndman. More information about their work can be found here [Teach a class](http://tradeschool.coop/Glasgow/teach) [Attend a class](http://tradeschool.coop/Glasgow/learn) For more information or simply just for a chat, get in touch. charlotte [at] socialcareideas.org.uk 0141 3143646