Jul 11, 2013 Thursday

Time for you

12:00p.m. to 2:00p.m.
Albany Centre
44 Ashley St,
Glasgow GB

How often do you make time for you? Often we put ourselves last in the queue! What are you doing to make yourself feel good and energise your life? When we value ourselves, we begin to create change in our life. This workshop will give you some fun tools and techniques to experiment and play with to create more time, space and energy to enjoy the things you love.

Bring one of the following:
10 tips for great SEO
A garden plant
A surprise
Flip chart paper
Open minds

About the teacher, Sue MacGillivary & Laura Borland

Sue MacGillivray Sue is an accredited Glasgow based Life Coach, with experience in Counselling and Psychology, Confidence Building, Mental Health, Assertiveness, Dating Psychology and Relationships, Addiction, Body Language and Communication, Image and Personal Style and Positive Parenting. She is realistic, goal oriented, motivated by people and enthusiastic about success. Laura Borland Laura is an accredited coach. Her background is in leadership and she has a passion for people. Laura believes that change always begins with ourselves and if we change, then things begin to change around us. She loves connecting with people and seeing people make choices that mean they have more freedom and autonomy in their lives.