Dec 5, 2012 Wednesday

Speaking with Confidence

1:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.
Holiday Inn Express,
Holiday Inn Express,
Glasgow GB

This class is for those wanting to improve their confidence and effectiveness in communicating and influencing change - at work, in communities and in life! It is for those who have to speak at meetings, events or just in everyday conversation. Confident speakers can inform, motivate, persuade and even entertain their audience. But how confident do you feel when you have to speak? How do you get your message across? How do you deal with any nerves? This interactive workshop will support you with tips and techniques to be a more effective speaker. It is delivered in a supportive, friendly and positive environment and participants will be encouraged to speak, listen and to contribute to the encouraging feedback. Come and join us to Speak Up Speak Out!

Bring one of the following:
A4 notebooks/pads
Coloured pencils (various colours)
felt-tip pens (various colours)
Food item for Pot Luck event on 17 November 2012
Post-it notes
Sweets/chocolates to share with participants

About the teacher, Jane Cameron

Jane has championed the cause of effective communication in Scotland through her work with speaking clubs and the charity Speakers Trust. She believes that everyone has the potential to "find their voice and make a difference". Jane knows through her own journey of personal growth that confident communication can bring real benefits - in our personal and professional lives. Jane was a founding member of Speakers Trust in Scotland and she supports children, young adults and adults in the voluntary and 3rd sectors to develop and improve their communication skills. Jane enjoys walking, sailing, reading and relaxing with family and friends