Jan 31, 2015 Saturday
Drury Street Bar and Kitchen
Drury Street
Glasgow G25AP GB

Learning to use your Intuition for stress management and personal development is here ...are you? Because the greatest investment you can ever make is the investment you make in yourself. Are you ready to invest?

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About the teacher, Edd Dougall

Ever since I was a kid, for the most part, I “knew things”... the right pals to have... the right choices to make... the people and things to avoid, etc. I always knew that either someone or something was guiding the decisions I was making, but I could never fully understand it. I just knew that if I wanted to be guided in something – anything – all I had to do was ask... then listen to the answer. It wasn’t till I was in my late teens that I started to look into this more deeply and I discovered that this is what people would call my Intuition. So I started studying things related to Intuition. I did courses... read books... attended seminars, and it was all very interesting stuff but at the same time I didn’t find any of it surprising or a revelation as it all just seemed natural. I continued to “do my thing” and in the 90’s I wrote, produced and delivered a training programme called “Strategies for Life”. This was a training programme for people who were interested in learning about how their intuition worked. I offered it at cost only and presented 5 one-day training courses. I had no intention of this being a business. It was just showing people how to tap into one of the most powerful abilities they have. Something I had been doing most of my life. Later, I was asked whether I could write a training programme for the carers of people who had mental health problems. I had extensive knowledge and experience in this field. This I did, and again delivered 5 one-day training programmes with specific strategies built in for carers. I continue to access and trust my intuition daily and I do trust it implicitly; it is always correct. I continually connect with my intuition and ask every day and get “Guided” on all manner of things and decisions. One of the most important aspects of this is the ability to listen to the message and not to dismiss things as we do. Most people today have learned to not use and trust their Intuition. Even as you read this, remember a time when you had a brilliant idea...a flash of insight...the answer to a problem...and what did you do? ....you ignored it! Well that was your Intuition saying hello! I will show you how to reconnect. I look forward to speaking with you.