Oct 24, 2012 Wednesday
Glasgow Volunteer Centre
Glasgow Volunteer Centre
Glasgow GB

Social media has many different meanings and interpretations depending on your point of view. One thing that is a fact though is that the arrival of social and collaborative technologies has very profound implications for organisations. This no nonsense session will introduce you to the world of social media, what it is, why it matters, how it is different and what it means for you and your organisation. Leading to further sessions of practical hands on advice and guidance this session will be suitable for the social media novice and those that want to know more. <br> <br><b>Please note:</b> Glasgow Volunteer Centre has 10 computers which can be used by people for the class. There is also room for four extra people to come along if they bring a laptop (free wifi is avialable). If you are able to bring a laptop, please tick <b>'laptop'</b> as one of your barter items. Thank you! We are also sorry to say that Glasgow Volunteer Centre does not have disabled access.

Bring one of the following:
japanese green tea
local vegetables
old dvds
sofa cover
web design advice

About the teacher, Twintangibles

twintangibles is a research led business advisory firm that helps organisations understand how to respond to and create value from the advent of disruptive social technologies. We also brought Social Media Week to Glasgow - the worlds largest social media event.