Dec 4, 2012 Tuesday
Whiteinch Community Centre
Whiteinch Community Centre,
Glasgow GB

Calling Residents of Scotstoun! Woud you like to: · Hear and share stories about the good things that are happening in your community? · Find out about good places to meet people? · Learn about about what others have to offer and what you may be able to contribute to your community? If so this event, using ABCD Community Building Tools, is for you. Remember - Our Neighbourhood Needs You!!!

Bring one of the following:
paper cups
Positive stories from Scotstoun

About the teacher, Neighbourhood Networks

Neighbourhood Networks is an organisation rooted in communities in Glasgow. We develop peer support Networks of vulnerable adults living close by one another and develop opportunities for members to develop skills and experiences to make an active contribution to where they live and develop support networks to stay safe and maintain wellbeing.