Jan 23, 2013 Wednesday
Deafblind Scotland
21 Alexandra Ave
Lenzie, GB

This class is for you if you are interested in communication with someone who is sensory impaired: Deaf, Blind or Deafblind. <br> This interactive workshop will give you an understanding of the challenges which face sensory impaired people and also simple communication techniques. How can you identify if a person is deaf, blind or deafblind? What is the best way to approach them or talk to them? Learn the deafblind alphabet as a communication tool. <br>This taster session is very upbeat and thought provoking. <br><b>Who would benefit from this course?</b> Anyone who is likely to come into contact with a sensory impaired person.

Bring one of the following:
Stationary items: Flip chart pens, A4 paper, envelopes, use your imagination!

About the teacher, Stephen Joyce

Stephen has worked for the charity Deafblind Scotland as Training Manager for 14 years and delivers deafblind awareness training and qualifications all over Scotland. He uses real life situations to enrich the quality of training for guide/ communicators and support workers. He has recently been appointed Signature Scottish Teacher of the Year 2012’ Deafblind Scotland believes in “a society in which deafblind people have the permanent support and recognition necessary to be equal citizens."