Jan 31, 2015 Saturday

Get ready. Get Fit.

11:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.
Drury Street Bar and Kitchen
Drury Street
Glasgow G25AP GB

Organised by two Physical Education specialists. Get some tips on the best approach to get fit for life. How do you start? What are the best forms of exercise? How much should we do? How do we sustain exercise? Whether you're already on the fitness road or just want some ideas to get moving - you should find something helpful here. Maybe even a couple of wee exercises might get tried out!!

Bring one of the following:
Any kind of chocolate or bars of chocolate or sweets or snacks - the teachers need to keep their energy up!

About the teacher, Lesley Stewart and Rachel Stirling

Lesley and Rachel are experienced Physical Education Specialists working at local authority level to take forward government Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport initiatives. Both have worked with children, young people and adults in their own sports and across other areas of sport.