Feb 6, 2013 Wednesday
Albany Centre
44 Ashley St,
Glasgow GB

If that random bus gets you, would anyone know your wishes? <br> Who would take on planning your funeral? <br> Have you done all the things you wanted to do? Said all the things you wanted to say? <br> Are your finances neatly planned so that no-one has to worry about paying for your funeral? Will dependents be OK? Can you save money later if you plan now? If you lose the ability to make decisions, who will be making them for you? <br> If you like to be in control of your own decisions, it's worth checking out the facts and considering your options. <br> A spirited look at options, expert advice and the chance to start plans there and then. With Lynn Burns of Suddenly Single Money and Stuart Pelling of McLure's Solicitors.

Bring one of the following:
Bring a lap top and we'll help you start planning NOW
Share a photo - great and small life moments (see Final Fling for inspiration)
Share a story of your experience

About the teacher, Barbara Chalmers, Founder of FinalFling.com - the award-winning website for end of life planning Lynn Burns, Suddenly Single Money - financial expert Stephen Vallance, Legalbot - legal expert

FINAL FLING is the UK’s only one-stop-online-shop for end of life planning. We offer a spirited, bold, pragmatic and creative approach to a treacly subject: death. Barbara trained as an independent celebrant with Dead Good Guides. For fun she plays in Beat That, a women’s samba band. She is a Board Member for The Arches, "Europe's coolest arts venue" and Kinning Park arts and community complex. The films below show how she brings together communication skills, coaching and creativity to create rich, life-enhancing - and sometimes life-changing - experiences for people: see Hooks+Bites and HumDrum project films below. For the longer version of Barbara's background, see Busy B below.