Feb 5, 2013 Tuesday
43 Middlesex Street,
Glasgow GB

This class is aimed at anyone who is interested to learn more about information and resources available and how to work with black & minority ethnic communities and other equality groups. <br> It covers some basic stress awareness and would be also be suitable for individuals who would like general information on mental health resources. <br>Covers the Mosaics of Meaning Model, Beyond Prejudice DVD, online information and resources. Mosaics of Meaning was a five-year programme which involved training local community workers in research skills and mental health issues, and using community development principles to address stigma at ground level.

Bring one of the following:
An open mind
Cakes to share
Fruit to share (eg Bananas, Apples, Satumas etc)
second hand books

About the teacher, Tina Yu

Tina Yu is currently working as a Policy Officer with Sense Scotland with Partners in Communication which is a new inclusive communication project to improve the involvement and inclusion of people with complex communication needs across Scotland. <br> With over 5 years working in the mental health field as Policy & Service Improvement Manager, she has expertise in setting up and managing projects, policy, development and working with a wide variety of partner organisations. <br> Also has experience working in race equality as a health development officer and project worker in the statutory sector working directly with communities.