Wish List

Welcome to Trade School Geneva, a non-traditional learning space where everyone can barter for knowledge.

We have always asked the teachers to come and teach their passions BUT NOW we ask the students what they want to learn

Tell us, what is your wishlist? What would you like to learn? Maybe there is the right teacher around the corner waiting to teach the next Trade School Geneva class from this wishlist. Write us tradeschoolgeneva@gmail.com or comment on facebook.

I would like to learn: 

Make natural cosmetics

To cook lasagne

French language

Oil painting techniques

Upcycling waste into useful products

Tai Chi

Traditional Chinese medicine

Simple HTML coding

Using Basic Photoshop

fastest way to may different hairstyles for long hair

Make simple clothes

tout sur comment faire son kombucha et kefir maison

 Swing dance



How to clean my computer from bugs and malware

Courses on psychology


Creative writing

Make up and hair-style courses