Active Listening and the Art of Being Heard (01.04.2014):

- Claire is a fantastic teacher, very inspiring. During her class she gave me an occasion to reflect about myself and now I'm very motivated in practicing active listening in the everyday life. Thank you!

- Very nice space to discuss something that people wouldn't usually discuss. Thank you!

- It was a very beautiful class. Thank you

Indian cooking for the spicy soul! (01.04.2014):

- The indian cooking class was excellent! I really appreciated the size of the group, the explanations of Narmada, and most important - that she had planned in order to fit in the time we had available - we really learnt how to make something simple but delicious!!!! thank you so much, was awesome!!!!

Project Management 101 (02.04.2014):

- Thank you for great course. Very interesting. To be continued for other practical aspects.

- Awesome teacher. I understand everything he teaches. He keeps the class interesting.I hope we can get more lectures  from professor Vincenzo. Thanks a lot, professor and Trade School too for this opportunity.

- Très bon cours, très instructif, je voudrais en avoir d'autres sur des sujets similaires. Vincenzo tu es un très bon prof, tu sais garder l'attention avec ce que tu dis.

Introduction au Tango (06.04.2014):

- It was great! Thanks for the chance on sharing the experience of the trade school.
Some difficulties at the beginning, but just enough to spice the day.

- It was really great! We learnt so much in just one lesson. The teachers were really good!

- The Intro to Tango class was great fun!  Manuel was an awesome teacher and not intimidating at all which was nice especially since this was my first formal dance instruction.  There was a lot of laughter and mutual sharing in the class.  Thank you!