Apr 6, 2014 Sunday

Writing your Story

5:15p.m. to 6:15p.m.
Rue des Jardins 8, CALL 078 673 93 59
1205 Geneva CH

Using the form of personal essay, we will explore through writing prompts and chosen pieces the craft of writing one's story. Everyone has a unique voice and journey and sometimes the idea of writing our story is intimidating. This workshop will address why each story is important and hopefully give you a few tools to start writing what you have been longing to say.

Bring one of the following:
a stapler
colored pencils
craft supplies
stickers (suitable for school kids - smiley faces, stars, etc)

About the teacher, Uma Mishra

I am currently working on my MFA and exploring different ways to approach personal essays. I have been writing for a while and have a few published pieces of comparative literature.