Sep 23, 2014 Tuesday

Who am I?

8:00p.m. to 10:00p.m.
l'Espace de Quartier Secheron (1er floor / étage)
Avenue Blanc 7, 1er floor / étage (call 078 721 94 19)
1202 Geneve CH

This class is for everyone who has the intuition that there is more to life than just working, having fun with friends, partying, building a family, following your hobbies, being happy, etc. Whether you have already read books, had experiences or not, everyone is welcome to join. This course is not about learning any new technique or religion, but about exploring what our true nature is, with what is available to us at any given moment: perception, thoughts and awareness. Expect to be challenged in your most fundamental beliefs and come to the class forgetting everything you have ever learnt in life.

Bring one of the following:
A house by the ocean
A surprise
Any kind of chocolate
Organic vegetables or fruits
Something expected

About the teacher, Benjamin

Since a very young age, some of the most fundamental questions have come to my awareness, such as "Who am I?", "Why are we here?", "How can we be happy, not just as an individual but also as society?"