Oct 9, 2014 Thursday

Street Dance Fusion (Beginner's)

7:30p.m. to 9:00p.m.
l'Espace de Quartier des Eaux-Vives (Call: 076 385 07 26)
Rue de Montchoisy 46 (Reference Elie)
1207 Genève CH

This class will combine the styles of street dance, hip hop and jazz dance for a fun routine that will get you moving, sweating and bouncing off the walls. Dress as if you were going to the gym and make sure your knees are covered, as we will be doing some floor work.

Bring one of the following:
A song that we could try the routine on
Coconut water
Dark chocolate (more than 75%)
Fruity herbal or green tea

About the teacher, Ronalee

I am a passionate dancer and my teaching style is based on fun, movement and I encourage personal styles.