Sep 9, 2014 Tuesday
CERN (please read the course description for exact directions and instructions!)
Route de Meyrin 385
Meyrin CH

We will be playing the famous role playing game called Mafia ( We will look at a variety of strategies used by some players to probe and examine suspects, while others attempt to lie and deceive their way through the game. We will discuss how we can employ the techniques of inquisition and deception in real life situations. Equipped with this additional knowledge, we will play a second game of Mafia and try to implement what we have learnt. Time permitting, we will play a modified version of the game with additional characters and even higher stakes! Feedback from previous students: "We had a lot of fun playing mafia, and it was very interesting to play and to think at the same time about the different behaviours of the players. I would love to do it again." "It was great to discover a new game with you. You did great, I felt you knew how to make the whole thing work very well." "What a great introduction the the Geneva Trade School! The course was fun and engaging and a great way to meet new people in the city." *****DIRECTIONS TO CERN AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR ENTERING THE BUILDING***** Meeting Point: CERN Reception (building 33) (15 minutes before official start of class) Directions: Take the tram line 18 to CERN (it is the last stop). The CERN Reception is the building to your left (opposite the Globe). Please note that the students will need to be escorted into CERN, so they must be at the reception on time. Room: The class will be held in the IKEA Room in CERN Restaurant #1.

Bring one of the following:
a tour of your workplace with some cookies and hot chocolate
coffee mug with design or message
invitation to a home-cooked vegetarian or pescetarian dinner
one hour driving class around Meyrin
potted plants, flowers or herbs
something special from your city or country (non-alcoholic, non-meat)

About the teacher, Sameed

I am a physicist by training and currently work at CERN. I have lived in the United States, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Hungary and have interacted extensively with people from nearly fifty different nationalities. Although I do not have any formal education in psychology, I have privately studied the subject in various extra-curricular capacities. I have been playing Mafia for more than three years now and have researched the psychological aspects of the game with my colleagues at university. There are a lot of lessons and hidden gems in this highly interactive game that I would love to share at Trade School Geneva.