Mar 14, 2017 Tuesday
Espace de Quartier Sécheron (1st floor / étage) Reference Elie
Avenue Blanc 7, 1st floor / étage (call 076 385 07 26)
1202 Genève CH

This practice oriented course will allow novices and wannabe programmers (or people interested to understand "how these things work") quickly get started. The idea is really to show how you can start getting small but interesting results without spending hours on the theory background. Which is useful for keeping you motivated to continue learning. And the Python programming language is ideal for that process. Python is used with great success in diverse modern application areas such as web applications, computers/servers automation, and data science. For this to be effective for you, please bring a laptop that you can use to play with coding and experiment.

Bring one of the following:
Coffee / Tea
Point me to a potential opportunity of teaching such topics (a school, your workplace, coworking space)
Point me to a potential project collaboration where Python can help get the job done
You can also come with a challenge we will try to step to, using programming
Your enthusiasm in participating

About the teacher, Kamon Ayeva

I am a freelance developer. I use the Python programming language and web development tools, on a daily basis to deliver projects, mainly for webapps. I have an active interest into contributing to new entrepreneur projects, using Internet-based innovations and the open data.