Apr 23, 2014 Wednesday
Université de Genève / Uni Mail - M2130 (second floor)
Boulevard du Pont d'Arve 40, 1205
Geneva CH

Do you wonder why other people's photos look better than yours? Do you think it's because they have a 'better' camera? Do you believe you need a lot of time and skill to retouch photos? Do you spend a lot of time playing around with various settings in Photoshop without getting the results you want? Would you like to learn some Photoshop secrets that can make anybody's photos look good? Sure having a 'better' camera helps but it's not the camera who takes the photo, it's the photographer. And even the best photographers with the best cameras spend time retouching photos in post production. I can show you a few quick and easy tricks to make your photos look better such as: * creating sparkly eyes * smoothing skin and reducing blemishes such as wrinkles or spots * removing red eye * whitening teeth * cropping to create a better composition * vignetting to frame the picture, and more (number of topics covered depends on timing). Please bring to class a laptop computer (with battery fully charged) with Photoshop CS4, CS5 or CS6 already loaded on it. Either Mac or Windows is fine but I will be working on a Mac. Please also bring 2 digital photos that you like but think could be improved. Each photo should feature 1 person (who is looking at the camera). If you do not have Photoshop you may also attend the class and take notes.

Bring one of the following:
Feedback about my blog articles (comments to be left on my blog)
Home-made baked goods
Ideas, location or model suggestions for future photoshoots
List of websites that you find inspiring
Pictorial postcard or greeting card without any words or people on it
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Small souvenir from the country that you come from (with a note about it)
Write a testimonial about this course (sent to me by email after the class)

About the teacher, Livia C

I have studied Photography for two years in high school and five years in university and have been using Photoshop for 20 years. I have been working for many years as a photographer and graphic designer in Sydney, Australia and now in Geneva. I have taught Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator as well as English (ESL) to students of all ages. I have had my photos exhibited and published in two books in Australia and in "Léman Arctique" in Geneva. For the past two years I have been creating a series of fairytale portraits, taken in and around Geneva (featured soon on my blog). I am inspired by and hope to inspire people who love creativity. I love to meet new people with diverse backgrounds.